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EDIT:   Thanks to nasty little boys with filthy mouths who weren't spanked enough as children, all new dominant contacts who wish to express interest in me must go through SirKuroUsagi.  SirKuroUsagi is not my dom, but you do have to contact him for permission to talk to me. If this concerns one of my charges or you are another submissive, you may speak directly to me. 

Currently looking for MY dom to harness my fire and make it useful.   Know what you want from each of us before talking to me.  I want something offline and long term.  Do you or are you just here for fun ?  Listen to the song "Kindly Calm Me Down"....sums my desire up pretty well.  

Auburn haired, sophisicated, demisexual, hetroflexible, sensual submissive oenophile, technically married to a vanilla's dead, (finally) over in May, and there are no children.   Verbose, sapiosexual bibliophilic ENFP idealist champion with a dry sense of humor and a type 4 unashamed kinky Martha Stewart with the body of Kate Winslet who your mother likes better than you because my caretaking skills surpass her expectations.   That and she has never caught me shaking my ass to Meghan Trainor while ironing clad only in a pair of stiletto heels, although you frequently have enjoyed the show.
BDSM and me
I am an experienced submissive, but have been out of the lifestyle for 15 years.   Looking to get back in, actually.  I know what I'm doing and what to look for, so not interested in abusers or men who want a spiritless automaton they can break.  I want the type of dominant who will mentally engage me over a cup of coffee and move me to have the desire to completely give over myself.  Know that I will not be shy to express my needs or wants.  My dynamic is fluid; my chosen partner and I will find the roles that work for us, although I would prefer to be some form of 24/7.   I am that which I can not otherwise be when it comes to relationships....if you understand that, I like you already.  If you send me an decent dry red, more than like.

Always, if my dominant lacks patience, I will drive him crazy.  I am the loophole queen and love being playful.  Expect to never know what will come out of my mouth next, but know that it will probably make you laugh because I am trying to get you to lighten up or out of a funk.  Dominants who do not want to be kept on their toes need not apply.  Be prepared to amusedly admit, "That's not what I said......okay, it is, but I didn't mean it that way...."

Honestly, I do best with intelligent, sensual Dominants who are driven to succeed, have loosely scheduled but routine lives, and are okay with my testing boundaries to make sure that they exist.  Am willing to follow my dominant to the ends of the earth, but I absolutely need a place to call home.  Bonus points if you have an accent, often wear suits, or look like Colin Firth.  Combine the three and you can skip the conversation at our first'll already have seduced me with your words ahead of time anyway.
Hard limits (for a new partner): rape play, children, humiliation, degradation, animals, animalistic pet play, bloodletting, scat, breath control, caging, and carbs.  Pretty open about/to everything else, as long as I trust my dominant.  Can't be illegal or fattening.   Am willing to try anything once....and do it again and again if I like it.  As trust is established, am willing to reduce limits.  I do not do hookups or online only relationships,  although I am willing to consider long distance.  Instadom me and you get instabitch.  I am not a domme and do not switch,  so stop asking.   Also, if you wouldn't say it to my face, you don't say it to me on here.
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Playing Mama Hen to struggling subs and serving as site unpaid amateur therapist.  Dr. Aria is available for questions or mentoring....just don't expect an actual degree for a few years.
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