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She struggles agaisnt the Wolf that will have her....she is his!
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 I am am old enough to know better, young enough to not care, and experienced enough to do it right.

I hope this new site grows quickly!

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“Her freedom was worse than any chains.” 

“Whatever he wanted of her she wanted too, solely because he was asking it of her.” 

“She was waiting for more than permission, since she already had permission. She was waiting for an order.”

― Pauline Réage, Story of O
These are negotiated and arise out of the joining of two.
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She asked --why? ...

On that fateful day cruising a Fetlife Group, as I am want to do, I ran into a mouthy little girl. Her name, LauraLicks, gave me a chuckle. How many of these new, brash, raw and inexperienced girls have I met in the lat 4 decades? On top of this she was in Boston-400 miles away.

Something about her caught my attention -maybe it was her lack of respect, her loud ways, her coy shy crooked grin. I do not know what it was. Laughingly she said "Kiev.I want to be your slave". "I replied little girl-be careful what you wish for.."

She suddenly got very serious and in instant message asked me how she could serve me. Now, that is a dangerous opening for the old sadist. I said " Laura, this is not a game to me, it is how I live each and every day of my life." She replied "let me in mad One, teach me"

I did not have to reach far into my bag of tricks to accommodate her, even from afar.......

to be continued....

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