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I walk with NuaRéalta, may the journey never end!

For those of you new to The Cage.. {Walking} is an indication of an active dynamic.
Her name is listed above. 

Sometimes it is a name or taken or collared in the brackets  {...}.  If there is anything there {xxxxx} it means the member is taken.

While from the outside BDSM looks rigid, rule driven, goal oriented. Nothing could be further from the truth. The connection is deeply interpersonal, empathic, sentimental, love driven in its best form. great insight into both the slave and Master needs must be read from what is not said, more than what is said.

  Yes, there are rigid, rule driven relationships with 34 page contracts and protocols. Physical interaction for pleasure and profit in many cases. In my opinion ,mind you, BDSM in its purest form is 100% emotional, personal and Intuitively driven.

Truth to power is a service to your master. At no time should you feel uneasy to ask anything or question any task or command. A master is not all knowing..a dynamic depends on feedback to one another any time any place. It is a service to your master to keep him straight see what he may not see and speak the absolute truth to his power. That is the essence of a BDSM dynamic.

Day to day dominance is a matter of trust and respect. A good master will naturally cherish and protect you by his very nature.

Your service to him will be taking care of what is his.. Namely yourself.

BDSM and me

“Her freedom was worse than any chains.” 

“Whatever he wanted of her she wanted too, solely because he was asking it of her.” 

“She was waiting for more than permission, since she already had permission. She was waiting for an order.”

― Pauline Réage, Story of O

  Ours is a reality that is a gift. Our existence apart from the prosaic, apart from the orthodox….
 A shared knowledge of an exceptional bond between Master and slave. Organic and expanding adding to our collective knowledge through our own experiences.  An electricity that speaks of the deepest connection.  A language that speaks all the words imaginable from our souls but which cannot escape from our sealed mouths…

He is the calm in the swell, the first time I felt still in my mind.
The last time I was fearful of fear. He is a whole world walking beside me. The totality of all space and time; all that is, has been, and will be.
Wonderous and vivid, fearsome and tender. An unconditional vault of safety. Never have I...Never have I loved someone like this.

He is the whisper in my wind. My first cup of coffee and my favorite warm shower.
A storm is thundering somewhere inside of me, and his true nature has control.
There... There, I love him.

In the fractured morning, full of
too tired and too sad, he is the first thought before leaving the bed. He is the fight in me, the winning and the losing battle. Encompassing all feeling.

When asked what my favorite moment is, I will say....Him. I will always say Him.

     - NuaRéalta

The curve of a hip. The scent of sandalwood. The taste of us. The sound of rain on the roof. The texture of paracord. Compelling desires demand attention. Transported to richly lived moments of time in alternate realms with their own rules and rituals and hierarchies.

My limits are her limits...


Little Girls
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Bidh sinn a ’coiseachd... 

You have a way -she says. 
I say - is that so? 

She reaches for me...  I take her young hand.

I say--come--let us walk--I will tell you a story...

Briste go hálainn agus go hiomlán neamhfhoirfe
Beautifully broken and perfectly imperfect

To the one who loves my Realta who holds her friendship dear.... thank you for watching over us. It us a kindmess that is not unseen.
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