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Naperville, Illinois, United States
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Domme seeking submissive
Prefer local to Chicago but will consider long distance. Experienced keyholder available for a lucky sub. Very diverse Domme, check out profile prior to reply
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I am not interested long distance relationships
I do not play online, NOT into stranger sex.  I don't mind having a respectable conversation with people but do not test me on these things.  I am very active in the Chicagoland scene. I am a well respected BBW Domme and cougar seeking men 33-45 hwp. This is my preference, so if you email me but you do not fit this image, have a low expectation of building into more than a respectable email. DO NOT send me cock photos 
Was in a relationship as a teen for 8 yrs that was bdsm but it wasn't called that, 6 of those was in a triad. I then left the lifestyle for a long time. Tested it a tad while married but ex wasn't into it, felt like I was pushing too much. Returned to lifestyle in 2012 after I decided to get a divorce. I originally identified as a switch, but rarely bottom. I am an ENFJ , My personality is very alpha I am an outspoken person and say what I mean and think. I do not aim to hurt people's feelings but it often can as I have no filter. I feel more comfortable as a Domme. I do not like when people call me Mistress or Goddess, I beleive it is a title that is earned. A title based from a Domme's actions, trust, honesty and when two people have an agreed upon relationship of some type. So please do not address me as such, any other term of respect I am good with.  I am currently at a place where I have played many years and really prefer to find a companion for long term that is a submissive.
BDSM and me
All these pictures are mine. I am very diverse in my play, enjoy many different types and am open to new ideas. I am open minded in conversations and understand not all my kinks would be yours.  My favorite kink is Firsts... first time for you or me.  It's very exciting to make sure a first is possitive and make another desire it a second time :) I’m very active in my local community an am considered a leader. I have lead many munches and other events. I seem to only be able to have Power Exchange type of relationships, it is what I thrive in & what works best for me. I take a tad of FemDom, Master/slave and just plain ol D/s and put them together where they fit best for the dynamic I build for me and my partner.  I very much enjoy crossdressers not really into the sissy thing but I do beleive everyone has their own version of what a sissy is for them. I am very exerienced in Forced Fem/Forced Bi. As well as CBT, chastity, edging.  I am exerienced in impact type of play such as Flogging, spanking, wax, fire cupping, fire play. Fear play, knives, all types of sensenation play. Rope is a big part of most scenes, it is not bedroom bondage, I practice shabari. I am learning needles as well as straight edge razor shaving.  AgePlay dynamic I’ve been a Domme/Mommy many times. I enjoy public play. I tend to be sassy and obnoxious which can also be viewed as humilitating to some if you can't handle an outgoing personality like this I am not a good fit for you
Married men or in a committed relationship.  Seriously   Skat, yellow showers, animals, kids,  LIARS.   I will not give a second chance to a liar.  PINK is a soft limit, it represents negative personality traits to me and I prefer it not to be worn/used around me.
I practice PRICK & RACK (google it with the word bdsm)  I honor limits and beleive in extensive negotiations with my partners
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Seeking someone that wants to care for a Queen in a long term kink relationship. FemDom LTR, TPE is the dynamic I seek If you aren't serious about wanting the same thing, one can always see thru it so please don't waste your time nor mine.  I find it very important that I find a good fit, someone I'm compatible with, not just a man that happens to be submissive.  I know many men that will submit to me for fun that is not what I seek.
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May 8, 2022
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Sep 26, 2017
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