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I am a new heterosexual Dominant looking for a new, ( can't believe I even have to say this ) born female, submissive to learn with. I am looking for a relationship of D/s. I want to start out slow by learning with you, and willing to learn right along side of you, I have plenty of time to talk throughout my day and have time to devote to this, talking, messaging, whatever. we can start online but it will need to make RL at some point. I need the emotional, spiritual, physical connection with whoever I'm with.

I am a very caring, loving, patient, nurturing, and understanding man, and if we get together, you will always be my first priority.
Your health, your well being, and anything else that may arise is of utmost importance to me. I'm not the football jock, I'm not the 6 pack abs guy, I am just the normal average joe, a little meat on my bones, I am just a little overweight and plan on losing that soon.

My priority is BUILDING A BOND OF TRUST and mutual understanding, learning each other's boundaries, and limits and learning about each other along the way.

I welcome any interaction of actual true interest or getting to know one another. I would like a submissive to build a D/s life with and finally have a life together we both deserve and dream of. I'm looking for someone who wants to eventually meet in person and have a real life situation together.

if you want to know more please contact me and ask I am not afraid to talk, my door is always open, and I will not ghost you. I will answer as best I can and honestly.
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100% Dominant
100% Rigger
100% Master/Mistress
97% Owner
93% Daddy/Mommy
87% Experimentalist
55% Sadist
51% Brat tamer
48% Degrader
46% Primal (Hunter)
43% Vanilla
6% Ageplayer
2% Voyeur
2% Exhibitionist
0% Non-monogamist
0% Switch

Will discuss with the submissive.
to be discussed with the submissive
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Im a new Dominant seeking a new, born female submissive to learn with.
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Thursday, December 10, 2020
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