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Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
Relationship status
About me
I've been interested in kink for about a year now. I've been learning about my role as a submissive and the kink world in general. I'm not in a position to have, nor am I currently looking for a relationship. I would like to make some friends, though, and find a mentor who can show me the ropes to have adequate knowledge about how enacting a scene works, how one should participate in particular dynamics, etc. I'm more of a kinesthetic learner, so I learn best through experience.

My vanilla side likes to go bike riding, play video games, making photo edits, and make videos especially. I'm easygoing, kind, and an ambivert.
BDSM and me
== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Submissive
88% Slave
75% Primal (Prey)
75% Pet
64% Masochist
61% Vanilla
61% Degradee
58% Experimentalist
56% Non-monogamist
56% Rope bunny
48% Exhibitionist
44% Voyeur
43% Brat
1% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer
0% Switch

List of Kinks and Fetishes:
Abduction as seduction
Amazons and authoritarians
Pet play
Transformation fetish
No cuts, blood, urine, feces, knives, tats, wax, or race play.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2021
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Monday, September 21, 2020
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