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London, England, United Kingdom
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I’m interested in finding a submissive/slave partner to explore things with - potentially 24x7

I am 47 years old, seperated 3 years, have 4 kids that live with their mother overseas, am single, live alone apart from a 1 year old cat and am active and somewhat healthy :)

Am a senior executive in a US based company and am used to being in charge, setting the pace and standard - not over bearing but supportive and transparent.

Personally - am strong willed (shock from a Dom) - but cheeky, love a laugh, try not to be too serious and am a fan of bad jokes and bad sci fi movies.

Like normal things - sports (rugby), socialising, dining out at nice restaurants as much as friendly pubs, watching box sets with the right person (never skipping ahead), coffe in the mornig, red wine at night, cooking which I am getting better at. Would say long walks on the beach but that is a bit cliche.

Looking for loyalty, submission, service and a ultimately a relationship. Someone somewhat age appropriate - as much fun as an 18 year old would conceivably be, I am ultimately looking for a relationship
BDSM and me
Newish to the scene (was vanilla in my marriage - separated for 3 years and moving to divorce). Looking back though, I was always interested. Prior to the marriage experimented with ropes, hand-cuffs, wax, spanking, anal, domination, withholding of orgasm, chocking, etc.

I am not interested in sharing
Anything illegal - apart from that I am open to most things as long as it is consenting.
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Me to this site :)
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Friday, January 1, 2021
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