sub trans woman

Sacramento, California, United States
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Looking for a goddess’s
Hi I would like something that could eventually be long term I will try my best to complete any tasks given to me but sometimes my mental health may get in the way but I can and will be loyal and obedient I enjoy pain and bondage Ot be nice if you like shibari I enjoy being teased and treated as a pet online at first but I would like to build up to in person I’m willing to relocate with help of course my ideal life would be a 24/7 power exchange where I am in constant service to a dominant (I am a switch I prefer to be submissive but it be awesome if there was a person we both dominated but it’s not necessary) I looked for word to discussions wit you
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Hi I’m 19I’m a sub I like being treated as a pet I’m non-binary I enjoy spending time with people I I like strong women and i don’t necessarily mean physically strong I also like men but I find it difficult to be vulnerable with them I enjoy being bossed around and teased I can be masculine at times but majority of the time I’m somewhere in between with my behavior I like anime and don’t quite know who I am yet
BDSM and me
I’m kind of new but not really I enjoy pain and bondage
No piss or scat
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Nov 4, 2022
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Oct 6, 2020
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