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CAVIAT EMPTOR; EGO SUM ILLICITA FRUCTUS = Buyer Beware; I am Forbidden Fruit

About myself, as a person. I am a terribly social person. I love being in a room full of energy. I am well spoken and intelligent, and always ready with a story (usually a humorous one). I love an audience, but seek to drag anyone within armshot onto the stage with me, rather than stand in the spotlight alone. I adore my friends and will devote my every service to their comfort, without question. I love any place where i can get a delicious snack and a cocktail. Any place. White tablecloths to smoky dive bars, I present socially as Dominant, but that will make more sense to those who spend time with me. I write frequently, and although every now and then it is purely fictional, most of it is true, at least in part. The characters in my story and the circumstances are pulled directly from my life, the motions expressed pulled from my soul, and what I see when I look into the souls of others. I hate some of my writings, but they are not posted for my own pleasure, they are posted for yours.
BDSM and me
ARS AMATORIA; FILIA IGNIS= Art of Seduction; Daughter of Fire

Who I am as a masochist submissive. I have a big ol' personality. In a room full of subs, this has nothing to do with one person being better than another, I am simply a nurturing, caring, protective sort of a person, and I am told that I have a calming energy which puts people at ease. The mother hen. Younger or lesser experienced subs often see me as a safe person to come to for council, a role which I am more than happy to fill. After all, I live to serve. It is my primary function in life. I only allow certain people to Dominate me, and they are chosen carefully, but quickly. I will likely know within a short time of meeting you what my role in the relationship will be. I read people with some ease, and it is a useful tool. I am an uncommonly passionate person, and very responsive to my senses, and to the desires of my partners. Not every person I feel submissive to will be someone that I am sexually active with. I call those my Handlers. My non-sexual Dominants. I tend to be a bit wild and exuberant, and often need to temper that with a cooler head there to protect me from my own spirited, frolicsome nature. It is a thing, for certain.

And happy hunting, my lovelies.
I submit, so he who is my Dominant sets my limits.
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