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Albany, New York, United States
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Looking for local late 50's or 60's who single.
Looking for local late 50's or 60's who single. I know it's a challenging time but we can still begin and get to know each other. There are safe ways to be out and about and still share some space or talk over coffee. I am a non-smoker, do not use drugs, live a healthy lifestyle. Active, curious, fun, funny and love people. My top 6: I am not Poly I won't teach you about this life. I still work full time out of necessity. I don't do online or long distance. Ever. I appreciate old fashioned values and traditional roles. Only interested in single men my age range with experience in power exchange and BDSM. Submissive, Real-time only and serious about it. Experienced Dominant preferred. I'm on other sites under this same name. Hope to hear from you. Tanks H*
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Please Call Me Hush - Upstate NY
Real-time only. Casual ok to start if you are local.

Interested in
Single-Dominant-Experienced in my age range.

Serious messages that answer these serious questions, get my attention.

1. If you could wave a magic wand and create your best relationship what would it entail?

2. Why do you live where you live.

3. Why do you work where you work or worked?

You can find me in the "Rare Air." look it up. it's a good read.
BDSM and me
23+ yrs real-time experience.
Just the usual. But I am serious about them.
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Given the choice between being serious and laughing, I'd probably choose to laugh. That in no way means I don't take life or our place in it seriously.

I do not suffer bullies, ignorance, or broken people selling brokenness.

I won't help you cheat on your partner, I believe in the Sisterhood of Women.
So how why on Earth would I help you hurt one?
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Monday, October 4, 2021
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Monday, October 26, 2020
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