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About me:
I'm a witty, adventurous person, an avid reader who questions most things and can also differentiate good and bad info. 
I like to keep in decent shape, jogging, hiking, kayaking. I do love nature. I tend to go through lulls and can be less motivated with the seasons. Always a work in progress. Such is life. :-)
BDSM and me

*I joined to get help being a better sub to my Daddy and meet other like minded people.*
Fyi~Second picture is of my Dom's tools and toys.

I have always been quite kinky and tried basic bondage and play, but woke up to my real and true submissive needs 6 years ago. So I'm not so new, new to this realm. I have a bit of experience. 
To me a D/s dynamic is about, trust, honesty and loyalty to each other ( or more.) in all things you love in your kinky play. It dives deeper into our raw desires, that is very intimate, the most intimate you can get. That's why I love it.
Being a submissive to me really happened when I found a level of comfort in my own skin and truly liking who I am. It's about striving for my own level of beauty and sharing that with my Dom who helps me become a better version of myself. Indeed there's trials and tribulations and bumpy roads along the way, but goodness it's worth it all.
I'm a mild masochist/ now leaning towards more than mild.  By day I take care of a lot and have to lead in my life but by night ( or when I can play) I need to shut that down and just listen and follow.
I'm quite witty, cerebral. So, I love a good mind. I like that mental connection as much as the physical one. I get off with words, not just the touch. To fill my mind with such desires, that in -between session playing, can be what makes it all so much more intense.
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