Candy Obedience

Ohio, United States
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I'm a CD Sissy gurl submissive obedient cock hungry cum starved cum slut
Obedience is pleasure. And I want to be able to please you. I need a dominate man to take control of me and make me a good girl . Cum pick me up and soon as I'm in. I'm yours to train, mold, discipline, . I'm also available for road head in the adams county area
Personal Ad
Feminine Cd sissy sub Needs to be face fucked now.
I'm a feminine skirt wearing sissy gurl . My mistress assigned me an obedience n.s.a cock sucking lesson. I need a dominate alpha male to cum pick me up and eigther take ne somewhere to get what he wants or just pull his cock out grab my head and I'll suck while you drive around the block. I'm a very good cock sucker. Obedience is pleasure pleasing you pleases me my panties are wet now just thinking about yiur hand on wrapping my hair and just pushing my face down and your cock deep in my throat as your hips thrusting it in . gagging on it as you fuck my face. And if we could record this for my mistress . that would be great. Hit me up if your interested . or would like to see a pic or send a dick pic. Quick head jobs face fucking ad Ass pounding nsa.
About me
I'm a cock hungry cum starved cum slut. When im all candied up im all gurl. They say I'm Candy, and when I'm out and about I'm looking for a dominate man to cum pick me up and allow me to serve his cock. Any and all resistance is punishable. I dont. Know all the limits but preferably for sure no pee, poo, blood stuff. You may restrain me you may man handle me I will do as you are told. Obedience is pleasure. May I please you sir ..... First date just let me suck your cock. Fuck my throat .buy me a maid uniform or what ever You want . I can't help but be submissive that any dominate man could call me to his car tell me to get in and my submissivness . May resist a little but when ot cums to it. If you put your cock in a cock suckers face or pulled face to the cock a cock sucker will suck it. May need a little coaxing like any gurl. The come on baby you already said you would.or even the rougher man handlers fucking suck it cunt . You live for my cock now. Just a few days hours or just a bj what ever you want. Please sir or sirs cum take me help master d train and feminize this gurl. Wants Dominate male to train me and discipline me into the perfect servant to men. Master D feels that just her big 10 inch strap on isnt the same as hard thrusting cock.
BDSM and me
I'm not sure what bdsm covers . . I'm a crossdresser and part time gurl. When I get all prettied up I'm a gurl and like to be treated like any other submissive girl that you dominate seduce manhandle rape or get high and stick your cock in.. Ive been a submissive toy, and obedient servant to dominating men. Since 6 7th grade off and on. Constantly having to watch obedient cock sucking house cleaning hypno videos . havent had any luck with finding a dominate man the cum pick me up and even demand me to suck his cock. Guess maybe my gurl days finally over or will some man cum take me and make me suck his cock. Restrain me and take me home and show me how an obedient gurl behaves. Good girls suck masters cock. Or good gurl sucks and serves all of daddies friends. See this shows you I need a dominate man to cum shut me up gag me . shove your cock in there. Obedience is pleasure. I'm an obedient submissive & party favor and or sex object for him and her. I require no batteries and easy to program. Designed for your pkeasure and to perform any other task required . If a master prefers me to where a certain uniform or outfit may have to provide
Blood scat piss. Spanking is ok but just to red sting . My childhood masters would do things like five hard swats stop let it set and sting for a little pull my hair threat in me while your hands are tightly around my neck. Then five more hard sharp smacks . or ten constant hard as stinging swats back to back the kind that reslly sting then stop and punish my throat with your cock while occasionaly smack in my warm to the touch stinging ass keeping me inline. My feminization is important obedience is pleasure. Please cum help me be the best slut who're slave and sex toy. Please sir here's a girl that needs to be kidnapped and made a house bitch for daddys and masters and there cream filled cocks.
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I'm horny as fuck really need a man to cum fuck my face. Id so get all shaved and girlied up to serve any dominate man that contacts me and or just cums and take what he wants. Obedience is pleasure feeling a mans hand gripping my hair or the back of my head pleases me. Telling me I'm a good girl as his cock slide between my lips my toungue licking amd flicking wrapping the shaft as bob my way up and down your thick swelling shaft from the mushroom tip to the base gagging me covering your hard throbbing cock with my hot moist throat juices. Till you pull me off the cock stick me in the position you desire.
Most importantly I just need to be Dominated, disciplined , I need to be taught a lesson. Showed how an obedient house bitch cum slut fuck toy behaves . I can only do this with part time availability due to family and cov-19. Once I'm in your vehicle you'll be my master daddy the boss. I'm told that if some 1 cums to get me I have to be a good gurl and do as he says . you have permission to discipline me how you see fit. Cock hungry and cum starved . id be happy just to give some road head. Just cum by pick me up . drive a country block and I'll be swallowing cum b4 you get back around. Just saying
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Friday, November 27, 2020
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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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