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I am a single, 61 year old Dominant/Master. I am a 20 year retired Air Force veteran. I am fun loving, enjoy making others smile, always willing to have a listening ear for those who may need it, believes in truth, loyalty, respect. 
BDSM and me

5/17/2018 Update: I have over 30 years experience within the BDSM lifestyle, knowledgable in all aspects. I have experience as a Daddy Dom to a Sadist. My only limits are that of the "one" I may have as a submissive/slave. I enjoy administering spankings, flogging, whips, anal play, breast torture, edging, forced orgasms, and much more. Anyone wanting to know more; contact Me and let's talk.
   I am a caring, understanding, attentive, and loyal Dominant; who gives His all to the "one" I may be with as My submissive/slave. I am good listener, snuggler, fair but has no problem issuing discipline where discipline is deserved. Any submissive/slave who decides to prove themselves worthy of My time and attention; let it be known, while getting to know each other online; My one expectation at the beginning of any consideration of such talks is: I am very hands on Dominant (meaning I expect 24/7 communications) via Skype or other means. This will be done via voice and/or video shortly after conversations regarding to developing of a D/s relationship is discussed. Whenever not possible because of job or other reasonable excuses; I will be informed and further communications will continue via texts at My approval. 
I believe in trust and truth, respect and loyalty within a relationship. Trust being the biggest of those traits!!! Once trust is broken, rarely can it be regained!!! Always be honest and upfront with Me and show Me the respect I give to you; then W/we will have a wonderful journey. My expectations are to know you on a personal level First before entering any discussion regarding the D/s realm. To build that trust, bond, loyalty and earn that respect between U/us that is paramount to obtaining your "gift" of your submission.  You have the power over in deciding if/when I have earned the privilege of you giving yourself fully; mind and body. My end game in any relationship is to bring any online relationship to a real time, long-term relationship. If this is not your end game, I ask you not approach Me. Thank you. 

 You can find Me often in Cage chatroom having fun, chasing skirts, flirting and being an overall nuisance of Myself. 
Looking forward to chatting with friends; new and old. 

My limits are only of those of whom I have as a submissive/slave. 
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My new pair of Keds sneakers ready to chase the skirts within the chatroom!! *chuckles* 
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Friday, December 7, 2018
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Saturday, October 14, 2017
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