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Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States
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Euro-Latin man living outside NYC(I was born in Cuba hope that's NOT a deal breaker)with a tan muscular shape ( 6ft 201) with Broad Shoulders hazel green blue eyes and Mediterranean features.
Educated 2 degrees - Fully employed as a upper leval excutive for a marketing company.
Some Things I enjoy:
Going to work out, anything near the Water or Country, Passionate Kisses, Public Displays Of Affection, Great Company, Antique Shops on Madison ave, calling to say I'm thinking about you. Volunteering, Traveling, Merlot and Port Wines, Laughing till my stomach hurts at a dumb movie, Walking Around the West village, Preparing for a romantic evening, Cooking( yes love to..) Broadway and museums.
BDSM and me
I am that exceptional sensual Dominant male who relishes the mental, sensual, emotional and sexual aspects of D/s. Yet i amone that also can converse about the mundane and the ( sometimes boring) everyday musings of life in general.

Yet In my opinion the DS/DD Dynamic is first and foremost about the mind. Once a mental and emotional D/s bond is established through time and of course a connection the body in turn has no choice but to follow. I am seeking truly a submissive woman who knows who she is or is extremely curious about persuing this side of her persona. If this may be you then I encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings with me, and generally engage in a dialogue on any particular topic that interests you. I am one to MENTOR - not to bark orders or Mentally Humilate.  I want to indicate my need to nurture and care for my submissive, and the strength I do display when things get tough.
To me my view on
dominance and submission is about the yin and yang of this type of sexuality. When done with extreme Mental connection and phyiscal respect it is a beautiful experience. As for looks - I am open to all type of women but have a thing for women who like DD/LG as a plus as I do like to spank.  But I view that as a sensual form of affection but I am not into a brat per se because in my experience I think that most brats want is seeking attention and I don’t engage in that type of behaviour of a brat to get what they want 

Age - Body Type - Size - IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS - MENTAL COMPATABILITY - Can you be allured mentally?
If you can ...OR willing to at least discuss
Then you are half way through...........
As far as Limits - can WILL be discussed in length - suffice for now you should be into or curious to do - roleplay, spanking, flogging, light bondage, sensory deprivation( bindfolds)sexual servitude, verbal and written obey/commands, sensual cock worshiping, and other aspects of bdsm. I am not into bodily fluids or fecal matter & anything extreme or painful, so dont worry about that.
What's new
I do want to warn you that once you start learning and living this lifestyle it will consume you and will be all you think about. If you embrace it with an open mind  as i will not train - BUT MENTOR you in its sensual aspects you will blossom in your inner persona and enjoy pure bliss in your life. If you are interested please contact me.
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Wednesday, February 7, 2018
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