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TBH, Ill be straight forward, this seems like an odd way to me to meet someone in this sorta mindset? IDK maybe I'm wrong, Yet covid... hmm. Conundrum. - Long story short I have a slightly high IQ so don't mess with me with random inquires. I am not just some bag of meat willing to melt to freakin' chickin' anyone- this sounds like I am being difficult off the bat, just know its very frustrating getting like 50 messages randomly asking me for everything other than my social security number.

I am not quite sure this sorts of site even works, but I am just curious about the life style and if its real. I've felt so alone for so long, I'm too dominant with my academic/professional life- I mean I'm just not someone that is waiting to be scooped up and relocate? Do women seriously jump at that? I guess to each their own. I can't really describe it but I want to be a submissive and I think I am- at least with the sexytime stuff, its a huge thing I've secretly always been into. I've never even met a real dominant tbh, in college then out then back in only really meeting boys, I've only ever read about dominants- I wonder if that's just because I am a bit young or if its a mental thing or if they are just a fantasy? "The mind is a scary place, for it creates, defends, retaliates, but then again it is a phantom."-But then again if I had a wish for a well, or a penny for a fountain, I think it be dark enough to wish that someone would take me away from all of this- the stresses, the choices, and just let me be kind to them-its like shrinking your world while growing with it. If none of this makes sense then you and I are understanding each other.

mkkk. thanks for tuning in. <3 feel free to message if you want a terrible science pun.
BDSM and me
new- this is terrifying-yikes. haha
? Like integrals or like time??? Hahah ?
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I mean, this is also subjective? Alot is new, all and nothing based on who is asking?
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