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I want to learn, have fun, make friends and eventually have a healthy, happy relationship with lots of great kinky sex, with one special dominant man.

I really love getting to know people, what they like, and sharing experiences and making a connection. Any kind of intelligent conversation can be a turn on. I crave intense intimacy and honesty. Just be you.

Im attractive, intelligent, fun and very affectionate. I am successful and self employed, and often quite busy. I am very open minded. 5’ 6, somewhere between curvy and athletic , light grey eyes, curly dark hair.

I find curiosity, confidence, and a sense of humour to be attractive. I am only interested in Dominant men around my age. I am looking for an emotional and intellectual connection. I want romance, adventures, comfort, security, growth and fun. I want to indulge all of our desires. I want it all. Lol!

In addition to the obvious I absolutely love music and dancing, and movies and traveling and being anywhere near the woods or the water. I am a full-time artist and I am extremely passionate about and grateful for my work. Thanks for reading. And yes the profile pics are me. )

BDSM and me

if you want to know a little about my turn ons and fantasies you could read my blog here. 
Thanks in advance 

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==

98% Submissive
91% Rope bunny
69% Primal (Prey)
54% Vanilla
50% Experimentalist
46% Exhibitionist
39% Masochist
37% Voyeur
32% Brat
29% Switch

What's new

IMO one of the best questions that Doms should ask online , that they never do:

”What mistakes have Other Doms made in getting to know you,  and develop a relationship with you?” 

and vice versa of course . 

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Aug 1, 2022
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Jan 30, 2021
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