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Colorado, United States
About me
I’m a sub with brat tendencies (I have a smart mouth and it gets me into trouble), and I have no desire to have that squashed out of me, so if you’re a Dom who likes your submissives sweet and docile, I’m not for you. My enjoyment of pain is a work in progress. I like impact play, bondage, wax play, sensory play and anal play. I'm a rope bunny and I do a lot of self tying. Would love to find an experienced rigger. Very willing to have my horizons expanded but I’m not interested in DDlg or sadism, and at the moment I’m not looking to explore FF play.

IRL I’m a writer. I write erotica but my main trade is YA fiction. I like running and reading, drinking wine and eating sweet things (hence the running…). New to the North Denver area (I moved from Scotland last year and still have the accent, lol) and looking to make new friends in the community. I am in a vanilla marriage.

**If you are anti-Covid vaccine or a supporter of Donald Trump, I respect your right to your opinions, but we won't be compatible so please pass me over.**
BDSM and me
Brat. Switch. Sub. Domme. Labels and labels
all hanging round my neck, choking me. Slut,
good girl. Little girl. Mummy. Different costumes
to try on for size. This one’s too tight, this one
pulls across the shoulders. This hat is cute but
doesn’t match the rest. Some get left on the shelf,
their style too outlandish, too simple, too not me
to match the image I’m trying to build in a
blurred mirror. Take it off, all of it. Stand naked.
And look. Really look. Who are you, in purest form?
If you push me, I push back. Harder. Lock eyes and
feel it rise in me. The challenge. Heart pounding,
Skin tingling. The weight of your will pushes down
on mine, but I hold. Stand. Measure it, feel its worth.
The scales wobble. You – shall – not – pass. But,
if you get round me, twist me up and turn me over,
I’ll get on my knees for you. Be your good girl,
or your slut. What’s the label for that?
No DDlg, scat, watersports, vomit play, kids or animals.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2021
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Thursday, February 4, 2021
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