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Colorado, United States
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Aloof sub ISO Domme
Denver area lesbian submissive trainee looking for woman-identifying Domme (cis or trans) willing to teach. I am an independent introvert eager to learn my limits, obey and serve, open to sensual or sexual play. Short and curvy, preference to larger women, tell me how you like to be served. Potential kinks abound, see my profile for my limits.
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she/her lesbian living in Denver, CO. 5'3", size 20, 38DDD. I like women who have substance, both physically and spiritually. Leftist, black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, wearing a mask is crucial to safety and supporting our communities. If you disagree on any of those points do not message me.

I'm an independent personality, I like my alone time but seek someone who will take up space in my life. I love to learn, one reason why I am here. Get to know me and I'll look forward to getting to know you.
BDSM and me
New but testing strongly in sub categories. I am interested in degradation and bondage, obedience training, collaring, gangbang, creampie, anal play, being treated like an object, and being used however my Domme sees fit. I like the idea of being used for someone's pleasure and not my own. I'm learning where my boundaries are in a time of isolation, and seek someone who is willing to support me in navigating my limits. Despite being a lesbian, the idea of creampie and gangbang appeals to me because they align with the idea of being treated like an object. Genitalia does not matter to me, but I am only attracted to women and woman identifying people.
Soft: public play (consent is mandatory for all parties), extreme sadism, choking
Hard: feces and urine, children, fire, age play, bagging, permanent marks
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Me! I'm new! Who else hasn't had a good hard look at themselves this past year?
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Aug 2, 2021
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Feb 14, 2021
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