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dom male

Waterford, New York, United States
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Care to chat
Nothing fancy, just looking to get to know folks. Come one, come all. I particularly enjoy hearing about how your interest in kink developed, but I am certainly not averse to discussing a myriad of topics. Peace
About me
Hardworking, caring, and protective, but with a love for dominance.
Looking for a gal who can feel safe and happy submitting.
Somewhat old-fashioned, christian fella. Love music, art, gaming, and most anything creative. 
Love having interesting conversation, especially about new topics, or meeting new people. So, dom sub, male or female, feel free to chat!
BDSM and me
Looking to experiment and bond with the right gal.

Avid lover of rope since my youth. Heavily inspired by japanese ropework (the ubiquitous shibari, as well as the older, martial art of tying, hojo-jutsu) as well as military techniques. First started as a teen, wrestling and tying up my buddies, haha. Later the interest converged with my love life.

What I am looking for
Someone to bond with. To take things seriously with. Someone I can come home to, and snuggle up to (after I tie her up and gag her.)
Someone who can trust me, who lets me provide, protect, take the lead. Someone who knows how valuable she is in a submissive role.
Anything gross.

I also have an almost irrational distaste for "bratty" stuff. If you want me to take charge, or tie you up just let me know.
What's new
Moved into a new apartment, and started supervising at work.
The place is very peaceful, and me and my roommate have really made it our own.
Grateful for the chance to work my way up in my company.
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Monday, May 3, 2021
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Tuesday, February 23, 2021
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