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Rhode Island, United States
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About me
Homebody looking to be somebody's houseboy. My life's stability has bred boredom, which has bred curiosity...

College grad, homeowner, former aspiring writer.

I'm an internally anxious person who tries to offset it with an easygoing approach to conversation, though I get very intense if I decide to talk about sociopolitical issues. Following that, my sense of humor is very much dry and cynical, but I balance that with a lot of irony as a substitute for wit. Generally reserved, but I can get very emotionally tender in certain circumstances.

I enjoy music, traveling and cooking, and am trying to substitute more constructive activities like reading, writing and learning skills for perpetually browsing the internet. I occasionally dabble in very cursory automotive repair.
BDSM and me
I have some limited experience online and in person, and I've become keen to the idea of being a domestic servant and/or serving in the capacity of a party/play event.

While I have my own place, but I have a roommate who currently works from home. Eventually they are looking to move out, but are currently hampered by the pandemic and the general housing situation in our country, so online and hosting in-person is not currently possible at this point, at least not regularly. So, in the meantime, I'm trying my best to make connections and learn more when fading in and out of lust. I am also fully vaccinated against COVID-19, at least until the new variants make themselves known.

I would characterize my pain tolerance to be slightly above average. I am not a masochist, but I take pleasure in pleasing my Dominant, and if they relish in causing me pain, I relish in the privilege in being their conduit.

Sexual kinks
Nearly everything anal | Queening/facesitting/body worship | Ruined Orgasms | Handsfree Orgasms | Orgasming on myself/into my mouth | Online exhibition

Sexual tolerances/curiosities
Watersports/Urine consumption | Forced Bi (under presence/direction of Mistress) | Deepthroating/Oral dildo play

BDSM kinks
OTK | Pretty much all methods of restraint/gags/apparel | Domestic/Servitude | Cages | Protocol | Formal wear | Nipple clamps | Figging | Face-slapping | Hair-pulling

BDSM tolerances/curiosities
Chastity | Feminization | CBT | Trampling | Wax | Breath-play (borderline limit)
Public (Group/Fetish setting ok)
Body Modification
Age/Family Play
Electricity (maybe)
What's new
Watching my dad's house/dog for the summer - relatively isolated and lots of room for "activities" ;)
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Jun 6, 2022
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Feb 28, 2021
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