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To know about me is like opening up a chest full of weird things some good, some bad now you do have to take the good with the bad otherwise you end up with only half a chest and yes that may be easier for people but for me I wouldn't be the man I am today without having those bad things. Somethings that may interest you about me:

I used to play Roller Hockey for nearing 10 years within that time I even made it to the Junior GB [Great Britain] tryouts where I was unfortunately dropped due to an eye injury which ultimately led to me leaving the sport completely [Not due to lasting effects but I got really down on myself for being dropped however looking back on it that made me more resilient in things], since I do not play anymore I love to watch Ice Hockey especially the NHL as it is something that I can easily access given the internet these days, however, I have been a supporter of the Chicago BlackHawks since 2014 and I am proud to say I will remain a supporter!
I love to watch wrestling [Yes I know it is fake] however I was brought up with the WWE Attitude Era on in the household and so I loved watching people like Mick Foley in his personas of Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack as when I was young I got into the whole story behind it ext. Now in terms of watching it at the age of 20 I have loosened off and I don't watch it as often even going months without watching it if someone isn't wrestling for whatever reason and so although I still enjoy the WWE it isn't as watched.

Reading Manga: Now this is something that I have only recently got into however I have started to get my collection of One Piece Manga however due to funds I am only on Volume 6 with only 80 [I think] left to go! I am excited to see where this collection leads me and to what weird and wonderful pieces I pick up along the way in terms of both Manga, posters and even merchandise!
Watching Anime: I have been watching anime for the past 3 years in which I have watch things ranging from One Piece all the way to Overlord [Season 1,2 and soon to be 3] it brings me joy once I find an anime that I love however at the same time it is a curse because I have recently found that I tend to binge watch episodes so I need to pace myself otherwise I will end up finishing the anime in a few days [Dependant on the seasons, episode count]

Personality wise I have been on quite the journey in the past year alone, I have gone through a lot with my life some being bad to others being great, I used to think that mentally I was fine when all I was doing was putting on a band-aid to the bigger problem, my ex-girlfriend helped me see that asking for help and receiving help for my depression is nothing to be scared of and nothing to be ashamed of. I view things that I have done in life as failing and that is a mindset that I am currently seeing a psychologist about, loving myself is something that I have only recently started to do as I am overweight and it is something that I need to work on so I am looking for people who can help me keep a smile on my face when I get down but at the same time not feel as if I am being judged as I felt that way going through school a lot of the time. Overall I do have depression and I am on medication for it though at the same time I always meet the day with a smile and try my hardest not to let things overwhelm me.

My current plans
Right now my plan is to get my English A-level alongside finishing my History A-level so that I can go to University to study to become an English Teacher abroad (My overall dream is to teach English in Japan though if I get offered a job anywhere else that looks amazing then I would take it)

Now if you have read this far then you will be able to tell me this if you plan on messaging me, what team did I nearly get into for Roller Hockey? If you can not answer this simple question then I will assume you have not read through my profile and I will direct you to do so and will not communicate other than that with you until you can as I read through peoples profiles before I message them so I expect the same to be done for me! :)
BDSM and me
BDSM and I have followed an intricate relationship since I was first introduced to it at the age of 16 by my ex-girlfriend where she introduced me to my first part about rope work. I was fascinated by the idea that a human being could be restrained in a way that got them excited and so she showed me how to tie in different positions, the effects different types of rope have in different areas such as a rope going between the legs etc. After a few months of rope work, she began hinting that it was time to separate and so we did but that isn't where my journey ended with BDSM, in fact, I think it was this event that propelled me head first in to the world of kinks, fun and overall sexiness that is BDSM. 
Once we were separated I began doing research and came across things such as edging play, orgasm control, fisting, whipping, flogging ext... and that opened up my eyes even more to the aspect that the human body in these sessions is almost like a canvas that a story can be told upon [Though that does sounds corny ha ha ha] but it showed me that restraint is always needed even in the hottest of sessions and no matter how primal it gets there is always control.
In regards to my current kinks I shall list them as follows:
.Fisting, giving
.Rimming, both receiving and giving
.Breath control, giving
.Wax play, giving
.Edging, giving [And possibly receiving in the future]
.Bondage, breast and full body, giving 
.Nipple play through sucking, suction cups ext.. giving
.Clamp play on nipples and clit, giving
These are just the basics that I am into.
Blood, Vomiting, Needles, scat. [This list will be updated as we go]
What's new
I have finally started to love myself and smile more in who I am, although I have a long road ahead of me I will be taking baby steps in the recovery of my mental health and finally pursuing my dream.
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