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Phillipsburg, New Jersey, United States
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NJ/PA/NY Mommy Dommes! I need you!
Hello y’all! Im Daisy - at 37 year old bratty Little subby. I love banter, being chased and being overpowered (mentally or physically). Spanking is my main kink and non sexual age play is close. I was in a monogamous marriage to the only man I’ve ever even been on a date with for 11 years. Now I’m looking for new experiences and a female Dominant who wants to teach me everything. I love being scolded, punished, publicly embarrassed. I’m hoping to find someone local, but am open to online for now. I do better with Dominants who are older than I am.
Relationship status
In a polyamorous relationship
About me
Hey Y’all!
I’m a 37 year old subby Little brat. *halo*
I work as an aide for adults with intellectual disabilities, and I’m also a published spanking romance author.
I’m looking for a Mommy/Domme that is a brat tamer. I need someone who genuinely enjoys the banter and chase.
I’m open to playing with guys non-sexually, but am a lesbian when it comes to sexual things.
I grew up hyper conservative Christian, and I still love Jesus but hate what most American evangelical Christians stand for.
BDSM and me
Non-sexual ageplay, SPANKING, impact play, TPE, anal, edging, hair pulling, cnc scenes, breast play, humiliation, exhibition
Sexual ageplay
Oral (give or receive)
Touching or looking at penises
Intentional blood (crap happens lol)

Moderately hard (they could change with the right person but assume no)
Breath play
Vaginal intercourse
Electrical play
Hand jobs
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Mar 16, 2021
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Mar 16, 2021
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