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Male, early 40's interested to chat / video chat with others who may share my interests.
I have always know about my kinks but now I am ready to discuss it and explore it more in this community.
Hand cuffs and old fashioned jail cells (with bars) excite me. Always have. For as long as I can remember.
I prefer to be wearing the handcuffs and in the jail cell rather than the other way around.
I fantasize about attractive females I know placing me in handcuffs and locking me up. Being in charge of me. There is never pain or torture involved, just calm control of me in a very authoritarian manor. She is always very serious.
I also have a lingerie fetish. Again when I was developing growing up I preferred lingerie catalogs as opposed to hard core porn mags.
I had a sister 5 years older than me growing up and when she was at university age she would come home most weekends with her very sexy lingerie in her weekend bag. For many years I enjoyed the immense sexual pleasure I got from trying on her lingerie when ever the house was empty. I enjoyed the look and feel and the mental picture I painted in my minds eye on how her sexy lingerie would look like on sexy females I knew.
My lingerie fetish however did not involve me wearing ladies underwear outside of masturbation. I never want/wanted to feel like a woman or have any cross dressing tendency's. I was always a way to enhance masturbation and still is today. I love lingerie from the 1990's and I have some nice examples today that remind me of my early days in my sisters bedroom many years ago.

I have some Taboo quirks also.. noting illegal or anything that would offend too many people in this community hopefully.
In recent years I have allowed myself to develop brother / sister fantasy's. I have 3 sisters myself and in no way would I ever want anything like that in real life. I have become very good at keeping my fantasy separate from and having no negative impact on my real life and those around me.
Also, Urine in the right circumstance would have the potential to excite me.

I get excited discussing my fantasy's and developing elaborate roll plays in my mind. I would love to discuss all this with other like-minded males and females.
Ultimately I would love to explore my fantasy by online video if possible and someday hopefully for real, however I am not interested in getting sexually aroused with a man, but I am very open to chats and discussions with men.

I always welcome members reaching out to me. Please do.
BDSM and me
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Tuesday, March 23, 2021
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