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In a monogamous relationship
About me
This profile is a constant work as I learn. It will never quit changing as I grow. I am a Dominant, called handsome by some but have a hard time wearing the moniker. The only one that I desire to be handsome for is my submissive. To make her proud. She is the only One I want our special bond with. I want to take on her burdens, responsibilities, and have her offer me complete control. That bond is shared only with her and I after it is earned by total honesty and trust. The care and well being of my submissive is my purpose. I am very much a guy’s, guy. No one would suspect I am a Dominant however, and I love that. I am a working cowboy.
BDSM and me
I have a vivid imagination. I am good with ropes, knots and leather instruments. I take my submissive to places we both want to go together. I am a Sadist. I help her find release through me, the one who protects and is responsible for, and to, her. I want our 24/7 relationship, the maintenance, our everyday; day to day, the lead up, the act, and our aftercare. That is the expression of my passion to my One.
Kids, Blood, gore, excrement, nothing illegal.
What's new
-My absolute boundaries -New friends -ENFJ-A (things you learn:) -Looking to gain knowledge (always) -A desire to master my brat -Reverence for the community -Appreciating what a wonderful ride this is - My need to give my partner release and bear her responsibilities -If one truly searches themselves, looks deep, to see if they are worthy of another in this community or in their relationship, you will find a belonging and a joy that is almost spiritual. Be true to yourself. Know, define and adhere to your boundaries. Love yourself with a passion and you just might be surprised!! -Proud blog owner -After self reflection here in this community, I discovered my need and comfort with meditative, introversion. -Keeping my Empathy from becoming exhausting. -What I have learned as a member of this Community, is people come and go in and out of your life. It is ok. Learn from them or at least learn something about yourself from them. - Give yourself and others Grace. Always.
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Aug 20, 2022
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Mar 21, 2021
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