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About me
Just turned 18! I live in Minnesota. I’m 5’3, weighing in at 140lbs, naturally blonde, but I just dyed my hair purple. I work at a farm store. I love dogs, if you have a dog let me pet them plzzz! I like to sing. I listen to a lot of alternative/ rock music. I go to the gym about three times a week. I like adventures, and I love driving around in my small suv. That doesn’t mean I’m a good driver so if you see me on the road, position yourself in the farthest lane from my Saturn. For the most part I’m a good girl. I’m rather loud and I’m definitely a people person. I’m not shy, but I do get embarrassed easily. My face turns red at least once a day I swear. 
BDSM and me

SUB big sub! Slave is more accurate, I like giving my dom all of the control, that doesn’t mean I’m a pillow princess tho. Take away my choice. I like being a slave outside of the bedroom as well as in.

I love being tied up, you’re reading the bio of a rope bunny. I think the thing I appreciate the most about it is being completely vulnerable, exposed and, helpless.

I’m a degradee, call me names sir I love it.

Masochist! I truly and thoroughly enjoy pain. Hit me, choke me, cut me, bruise me, bite me, I’m all for it.

I really appreciate bring physically overpowered in general. Sometimes I like putting up a fight just because I love being pinned down, forced to cooperate.

I love trying new stuff. I’ve never used a safe word lol, doesn’t mean I won’t I just haven’t been with anyone who has pushed me over my limit.

I’m kind of a brat but I’d like to be trained out of it so if you dare to try, go for it buddy. I wish you luck.


I tried piss play once, it’s not for me.

Age play isn’t something that I’m interested in either. But I’m not impartial to calling someone daddy if they really like it.

I’m gonna add telling me when and what to eat. When I eat, I eat as healthy as I possibly can. 

I will not be getting any name permanently etched onto my body. Tattoo, scaring, exc.

No breeding, no thank you. I don’t want kiddos, not now, not in the foreseeable future. I’m a proud auntie, my niece just got a phone and she face-times me whenever she runs into the slightest inconvenience lmao, all hours of the day and night. It’s not that I don’t like kids I just don’t wanna pop any out. 

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Small profile edit 04/26/2021

Breaking news! I didn’t do that⬇️ 4/21/2021

I think I’m gonna rewrite my BDSM and me category, we’ll see. I guess a lot of people don’t like that I only stated what I liked, and didn’t elaborate on experience. I don’t know when I’m gonna have time but I’ll probably get to it sometime early next month. 3/28/21

I totally forgot to add that I have my nipples pierced. 3/24/21
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