Kentucky, United States
About me

I am about 10 years interested in the BDSM scene. If I were to put a label on myself in the community I would be your Bratty Switch. I have tried online domination, but it has always left me wanting more. I’m currently trying to train a dominate. I’m a hunter, a queen & all in-between. You can mainly find me on the blogs as well as in the chat room from time to time.

I will apologize to you in advance, I can be a bit aggressive in certain situations. I don’t mean to be rude, but I often times come off like that when I’m frustrated. I have been a Domme before as well as a Submissive. My life has not been an easy one, my loves mixed with pain, & confusion. This brought me into the scene as a young lady. Some of you may know, some may not. I’m just now starting to recall my teenage years, & my time on this website.

**Last but not least, I am owned currently, I am not looking to add anyone into the dynamic**
BDSM and me
Pet play- I like soft stuff, soft lingerie and cute kitty ears, but my hair makes me look like i have ears sometimes!
Switch- I can change in a snap! my attitude is bad, please forgive me in advance.
Roleplay- I have several roleplay kins, some geared towards gaming and anime other your regular run of the mill Teacher, Doctor, Garbage Man.
Steel- I like chains, adorning you with them, or you adorning me. Leash, Leather around the neck, steel

I'm your worst nightmare, or Best dressed dream. come find out wont you?
What makes the world go around?

== Results from ==
84% Pet
80% Rope bunny
73% Submissive
72% Experimentalist
71% Switch
69% Brat
65% Primal (Hunter)
64% Masochist
64% Slave
62% Brat tamer
61% Dominant
60% Rigger
60% Vanilla
58% Primal (Prey)
57% Voyeur
56% Sadist
50% Master/Mistress
48% Owner
47% Boy/Girl
47% Daddy/Mommy
41% Exhibitionist
38% Degrader
37% Ageplayer
28% Non-monogamist
9% Degradee
What's new
Currently not looking for online dynamics, friendship is always open though!
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Jun 21, 2022
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Apr 4, 2021
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