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Minnesota, United States
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About me
I can’t lie and say I’m shy all the time. But I like to observe people for a bit. Shamelessly I am a weeb and a zombie player (COD III to be specific.) lover of books , writing and cheesy romance. I’m carefree with boundaries of course, but really playful when I’m comfy around you.

I’m not looking for anything serious right now, I just want to unlock my sensuality with the right person. I love the prospect of physical intimacy... However I yearn for more of a mentally stimulating conversation. I want someone to undress my mind and caress my being before getting the privilege of my flesh. So please if you are here to only experience me through my flesh I am not your submissive.
BDSM and me
BDSM and me have had an interesting relationship. I’ve found that I’m not a high pain seeker. Id never say no to choking, spanking or scratching. However pain does not entice me as much as foreplay does. I am inexperienced being a submissive but I know what I want in my future dom partner.

Down below are my BDSM Test results
* any thing lower than 30% was left out.*

• 100% Primal Prey
• 96% Submissive
• 95% Voyeur
• 95% Rope Bunny
• 89% Exhibitionist
• 61% Vanilla
• 61% Experimentalist
• 53% Brat
• 40% Masochist
What I don’t like:
Anal, degrading, humiliation, extremely harsh punishments, slave, and property.

I’ve been a free spirit my whole life. I want a dom that can quell my feisty nature. But also care for me emotionally, physically and mentally.
What's new
Nothing right now in my life is new besides I’ve started my own business.
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Monday, April 26, 2021
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Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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