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Yes, no, the cake is a lie, purple sprinkles on icecream are epic, im a gothic furry nerd to whom follows norse yes im a viking biotch deal, do i concider my self intellegent ill never claim to be something, ill never intnetionally seek self validation or approval of others lets face it we all have issues and battle with demons we just need to learn to hug them and hump their legs ? i enjoy many things wether or not you get to find out depends on wether or not how the interaction goes ok well not you who reads this but someone to assume everyone who reads this is going to contact me well thats just madness and while we are all mad that doesnt mean were insane XD

Truth: Most will never know me, because they will never take the time to get to know me, however they will take plenty of time to judge me.

I have made it a habbit to never get into a battle of witts with an unarmed enemy.

Consistantly evolving.
BDSM and me
Continuosly learning more every day with every encounter ^.^
I do have a fair ammount of limits, not as many as most, but it is a decent ammount. will you who reads this find out? probably not, because im not really here looking for anything more then general conversation. so if you who reads this are looking save us both sometime and keep looking.
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Nope still the samething
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