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I don't howl because it's cute or it makes me feel more in-tune with BDSM. It's a natural part of me. Wolf is my spirit animal. My pack is small, loyal, and strong. While most others choose to play the field, I'm that one who sits off in the distance, waiting, looming, watching for the one prey who can quench my thirst.

What I crave is a once in a lifetime thing... so I'd rather wait in the darkness, until I breathe the scent of that special sub or slave. She must be part masochist in that she's willing to take on some discomfort or slight pain so that the beast in me can be fully satiated. I am completed because of my sub. And when I have fed, she is confident that as I return to my business endeavors, she indeed is my person--even when I am busy. 

No matter where she is in her life journey, she has a heart strong enough to smile in the face of my darkness. She is not afraid of my story. She believes that she's able to love the Beast in me. 

Most importantly, my sub will bring her uniqueness. She is comfortable being herself. That is what makes her precious. Whether she is pursuing her career, creative writing, crafts, or exploring who she wants to be... her essence is what keeps the the Beast in me coming back for more.

I should add, I’m looking for something much deeper than your standard kinks and ropes and cuffs. I’m looking for the a psychological bond to be the foundation that makes everything else a bonus.

As far as the basic things, black or African American is a technical way of describing my race. I'm not big on colors though. However, my skin tone is more like a boxy brown color mixed with a dash of honey.

I live a very easy going life, and I am absolutely thrilled about being alive! It's been very difficult to find a loyal sub who can handle my rough edges yet also adore my most vulnerable parts. 

If my profile resonates with you, come to me. Find me. Or read my blog. That's the best place to start knowing me.

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Sunday, September 26, 2021
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