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Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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In a polyamorous relationship
About me


I should probably state that I do NOT and will NOT switch.

My ultimate goal is to find a female and male to be 24/7 live in. 

***** I have an ownership tattoo that will be placed upon any and all slaves or submissives that pass initiation and training.*****

My husband is aware of my position and intentions within the lifestyle, though he does NOT participate. Do not ask.

I will be doing a LOT of traveling in the near future, anywhere and everywhere.

If you have a dick picture or pussy picture as your main profile picture, please don't contact me. I'm more interested in the person within the mind than the equipment/packaging.

I will not accept friend requests without a message introduction

I'm a busy person, my schedule is subject to change without notice. Be patient. Be understanding. I currently work graveyard shift so I'm likely to answer at night.

Judge me as you will, but for once in my life, I honestly don't fucking care what those who feel entitled to judge others thinks about me.

I AM ME!! Take it or don't. Choice is yours, I care not either way. If you can not take the time to get to know me, then have an awesome life.

Respect me and my thoughts as I will you and yours. If I say I'm not interested please either change to a different topic or discontinue talking to me.

Looking to talk to like minded people.

No I don't want to post a face picture. If you only want to talk to me because of my possible looks....please don't contact me. I'm looking for MEANINGFUL conversation not shallow bullshit.

I am open to any suggestions or discussions about basically anything. Not always going to take the suggestion though and I don't mean it as an offense.


*Update (2020)*

Yes, I am married.

No, I'm not changing this.

Yes, he knows my position and intentions regarding the lifestyle.

No, he does not participate. DO NOT ASK.


I am more me then I have ever been!! It feels fantastic to be able to learn more about myself every day in an encouraging environment.


I am multifaceted.
I am (always been but now fully able to express) a happy, positive, exuberant person.
I have a thirst for knowledge that seems to never be quenched. I can (and have) passed through over 60+ topics in a 45 minute car ride.
I can talk really fast, not on purpose but because I am excited about the topics.
I love life and everything involved.
I'm a rarity, I love being outside, but I can also enjoy being indoors.
I'm a PC gamer, a writer, a hiker, swimmer, i can get dirt under my nails while working on a car or truck (soooo fun!). I can dress with the best or go 4x4 in the mud!

Plus sooooooo much more!

I have a passion for animals and children. If i had my way, id run a half way house for children and have a huge plot of land for animals to run and be happy.

I love to help others, but I am not a doormat.

Over the year or so of 2016/2017, I have come to understand, with the help of a very patient and encouraging friend, that I was never submissive. It was a combination of a few things that made me think I was. Never again will I be in a situation where I am not equal (mostly lol).


A little of my past:
I was the black sheep, did nothing right, was never "good/pretty/grateful/helpful/smart" enough so I have very little self esteem and confidence. I'm building though with the help of amazing friends and loved ones.

My past will burn and my phoenix will soar above the clouds they have tried to contain me with! I will laugh at their continued attempts at defeating me! Never again will I stoop to their level!
I will strive for and demand the respect i deserve.


A Lioness in the land of sheep
Feel my Teeth as they sink in deep

Life shines brighter in the dark

From blood and fire to blade and match
BDSM and me
Known about it since I was 16. Involved for a couple years.
I enjoy the feelings elicited from the different types of play and pain.
Self: scat/piss, face slapping, humiliation/degradation, any type of disfigurement or maiming. Children or illegal anything.
I loathe being tickled.

I will follow the reasonable restrictions of the submissive or slave
What's new
I got married. He doesn't participate. DO NOT ASK.

(08/15/19) currently looking for a male AND female submissives

I have Kik. Unless you ACTUALLY want to talk to me for more than a few days, don't ask.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2020
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