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Swindon, England, United Kingdom
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Currently developing a fascinating and rewarding D/s dynamic with my very own goodgirl...

I am not currently looking for a new partner.

Intelligent, educated, professional gent. Late 40s. I am always interested in conversations with like-minded people to get new perspectives and insights - new friends are always welcome. I treat people with respect and dignity; I have high standards and expect you to have them too. 5'10" English, slim build. Runner, booky, cultured, science background, sapiosexual. No health problems.
I am based in the Thames Valley and live alone. I have my own car and may be willing to travel based on the right person. Any first meet-ups would necessarily be low-key with no outcome assumed. For me, consent and communication as to the wants and desires of both parties is essential.
In a phrase to cut these lips ...
A photo can be provided on request.
BDSM and me
I have an intermediate level of experience.


Over the long term I am looking to explore my Dominant character further with a special girl; which may develop into a Long Term Relationship with lifestyle D/s. In the meantime, while looking for my long term partner, I am happy to make friends, meet play-partners and experiment.


Still finding my place in this world and exploring my limits. The world of hypnosis is becoming increasingly central to me as time goes on. These things I already know are very important to me: Bondage, ropes, spreader bar, handcuffs, collar, hair pulling, power exchange, corrective discipline, your sensory deprivation, sub-space, spanking, flogging and impact play in general. I am always in the mood to either trance you to sweet submissive oblivion or to put you over my knee and give you a damn good spanking. My goal is to find a suitable D/s relationship and to develop it to perfection. 


Although I am still undecided as to the concept of 'training' I do have a little experience with it and would consider this again for the right girl. Many of my interactions have been with absolute beginners and so I am very used to, and indeed more comfortable with, taking things at a slow pace. After all, if we have waited this long to discover ourselves, why on earth wouldn't we want to enjoy the journey.


My perfect partner: intelligent, submissive, funny, witty, empathic, sensitive, thoughtful and good looks. Contrary to other opinions, I do prize individuality above many things and I do not see any usefulness in breaking somebody down just to reform them into a robot. Preferred body shape of slim/slight build, shorter than 5'10" (so i can take you dancing). Although my journey as a hypnotist is important to me my partners are not required to be my subject (although it helps) only that they can accept this part of my character. If you tick some of these boxes (even if not all) then feel free to drop me a line. I check the messages on here regularly so even if I am not online, leave a message and I will get back to you. I promise to reply to all first messages.

Anything illegal, drugs, scat, non-consensual activities, pimping out
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Currently developing a fascinating and rewarding D/s dynamic with my very own goodgirl...


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