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I am a CISgender mature straight male. I am not a Dr, the nick name I chose for here was suggested recently by a vanilla friend to reflect my interest in ancient quack electric medical devices - both using and collecting. After some thought I decided to use the suggested nick name for The Cage. 

I am here to learn, and make new friends.
BDSM and me
I have been involved in the lifestyle for awhile now and I identify as being a sensual dominant, and still learning about myself, and the things that interest me. 

I believe very strongly that mutual enthusaistic, fully informed consent is the only basis upon which any BDSM/Fetish activity should ever happen therefore I take a very dim view of consent violators. 

My interests are impact play (floggers, whips, paddles, tawse, crops and canes), bondage (some rope), and also violet wand use - vintage through to modern. 

As long as I can remember I have had inclinations towards kink, but its only relatively recently that those early inclinations have been explored and expressed in the real world. 

I am active in my community, attending events, workshops and parties when I can. 

I lean more towards the old school, more formal side of things and the ideals of Leather, rather than the new generation approach - though I respect all peoples dynamics and approach even if its isn't mine. That formal aspect though is not for anyone except those I have a relationship with, so please don't use honorifics if you decide to private message me or if you are chatting to me in the chat room - I am not anyone's Sir or Master except those who are my submissive. 

I write a mixture of lifestyle erotica and what is called damsel in distress erotica, often with mind control aspects. That genre appeals to me in the written form, but in a real world context, without consent, would not appeal to me. Willing, enthusiastic, fully informed consent is everything. My stories are mostly flights of fantasy and should not necessarily be seen as reflecting anything more than that, though the real world lifestyle stories do contain, to a degree, kernels of real world experience.


I am currently in a D/s relationship 

I am not into extreme pain giving, though that is a relative term as what is severe for some isn't for others but I would say that breaking skin and shedding blood isn't for me, nor is leaving skin on those places safe to work on black and blue. I am also not into scat, animals, or folks who are underage.


*Important* Folks with blank profiles or one word private messages saying 'Hi' and the like, will more than likely be ignored, and the sender potentially blocked, same goes for folks in chat rooms who don't understand that its good form to ask for my consent to private chat, or send a pm.
What's new

Due to the open nature of The Cage, Google searchable, in an attempt to protect my privacy and personal security the location this profile displays is not my actual location and will be regularly changed. Virtual world tours are fun.


First Audio Recording for The Cage.

2/2/2018 As of yesterday I am now officialy slavecorts Protector.

I had been involved (after slavecort asked me) in helping protect her alongside her original protector, but after he stepped down I have been fulfilling that role within guidelines setout by her original protector unofficially. After a series of unfortunate occurences slavecort has asked me to officially take on the role and in doing so I have, with her consent and agreement, changed the way she will interact with and how prospective dominants can contact her on the Cage, in order to offer her more protection from the wannabes, insta doms, users and abusers on this site. 

To be clear I am her friend, not her dom, not a play partner, slavecort asked me to take on this role and I am deeply honoured that she thinks so much of me as a friend that she would. I take this role very seriously, and my sole agenda here is to protect her from the asshats on this site.

6/2/18 As of this date I am delighted to be the lovely ShellyBean's Dom. 
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Sunday, February 11, 2018
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