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Naples, Florida, United States
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About me
I have noted no matter what is in this tiny box others ignore and prod for more info.

I am the typical FL girl in appearance; 5'6, 135lbs (on a good day), blonde, blue eyes, fit. I am attracted to intelligence over appearance.  However, since I have both I prefer my partner does as well (currently that box is checked).  Sorry not sorry. Yes, that is me in my avatar, no I will not send you a pic :)
BDSM and me
I am having several amazing bdsm experiences. 

I have a local play partner; I am not looking for online only or married men, apologies. We do, however, have a good bdsm/play group so if local to Southwest FL feel free to message (age 30-45, sane, cool, attraction is a must). 

I am not looking, searching, or wanting anything. I don't use The Cage as a matchmaking site. So when you message me please be aware of such and adjust your correspondence accordingly.
Very few and Those that require said information have it.

Word to the wise-- if you message me "What are you looking for," I promise you will get a smartass response like, a Louis Vuitton or an extra digit on my checking account balance :)

Also huge limit, heavily doctored pictures...I never use a filter or make a kissy face...I am grown. Not a fan of vague internet sayings with wolves, internet memes with the naked girl on her knees, and bdsm pics from the internet...I use real photos.
What's new
- "playing" on the weekends
- I don't wear a mask, however, I frequently wear the hood 
- nude pool parties
- consuming alot of wine and iced coffee
- trying to curb my Louboutin addiction...hey they are for work!
- not looking for online only, or married men (swfl local, attractive, age 30-45, chill guys/gals feel free to message we play with other local couples)
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Saturday, January 30, 2021
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Sunday, November 5, 2017
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