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Sadistic Dominant male, age 61, full head of hair (brown, some turning white), mustache. thin build, powerful mind, single, un-attached, no ex's, no GF's, never had children. I am: Consistent, confident, chivalrous, neat, well-organized, totally self-reliant, routine oriented, goal-oriented, detail-oriented, meticulous, industrious, loyal ,devoted, honest, helpful, sincere, affectionate, caring, strict, have strong religious and political beliefs and do not compromise my principles. I do not drink, gamble or chase skirts. I am not particularly adventurous, outgoing nor spontaneous. I am a careful planner. I am a respectful type, do not engage in foul name calling or other type of humiliation. I am retired now. My home, cars and other belongings are as they are and it will be required for you to accept what I have provided for us! I am monogamous and would never share my girl. I would prefer LTR rather than casual.
BDSM and me

Normal adult playtime usually includes the following: Girl tied in arms overhead bondage, standing or laying position, with spreader bar tied to ankles, often having feet spread far apart as possible for maximum vulnerability and helplessness. The wristcuffs will be pulled tight to the ceiling hook for maximum immobility. Master likes to use his hands and various impact toys (floggers, straps, etc). Target areas for impact are; butt, belly, breasts, pussy. She will be given a "safeword" to use if something is too painful or if bondage is too restrictive. During the play, Master will instruct (teach) and interrogate. Girl shall not speak unless she is spoken to. Girl shall reply (Yes Master, No Master, Thank you Sir, etc). Master may command her to stick out her butt or her breasts so he can beat them with his whip. Girl should thrust herself out with enthusiasm. Sometimes a blindfold will be included. Master will discover her pain threshhold and gradually push her limits over time (days, months, years). When Master is satisfied she has submitted to ample punishment, he gives her forced orgasm using his hands and toys, plays with her sensitive clit, nipples, etc. Master releases her bonds and puts her on the bed to give her a full body massage and allows her to rest. Sometimes, in lieu of forced orgasm, Master will tie her ankles far apart while she is laying on the bed so he can have his way with her. Maybe he will do both!

Punishments vary in severity based upon the offense. Punishment may include bondage sitting in a chair facing a corner wall for several hours prior to the beating. This first phase of punishment is meant to signify Master's intense displeasure with her. The beating occurring later the same day will include similar bondage as used in the normal playtime, except that instructing is replaced with severe scolding and the soft play whips are replaced with a brutal stinging pon-pon flogger and other heavier materials and possible a full-body spanking with Master's hands. After the beating, her pussy will be roughly pounded until she climaxes, then clit-spanked and her breasts will be spanked. She will be put to bed without aftercare, but she will be forgiven. The next day, all will be well.




Master does not engage in anal sex. Master will not offer his cock to her mouth for oral sex. I believe this is degrading. Girl should never attempt to take Master's cock for oral sex. Master does not engage in any of the other crazy BDSM practices. We will not be involved in the BDSM community at large (munches, play parties, etc), however, girl may be allowed to converse with her acquaintences in private (phone, e-mail or chat) and gather in person at home. No I will not perform for an audience. Gatherings in person shall be of a platonic, and vanilla nature.

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