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I am a TRUE DOMINANT ALPHA - seeking a very classy, pretty and intelligent Woman - who just happens to embrace her inner SUBMISSIVE nature.

I reside in Bergen County NJ - YET less than 17 Minutes from New York City ( Manhattan) and its boroughs.

I am one who can engage the mind, as the body will  get on board, so if  you think I am that psedu-dom which is not willing to actually put in some time to know you, overt messaging is a waste of everyone's time. I don’t do things quickly, I do them you will come to see.

For those women that have it naturally, surrendering to a dominant becomes second nature quite easily. When I look back, I have always been dominant in my past relationships,  as a mentor or nurturer,  mentally and emotionally speaking. It feels like I'm now ready to fully explore this aspect of mine, and I'm hoping to be able to do so with One Woman who will surrender her inner passions to me.

Yet this Experienced  now 48 years old ...
Now if the AGE factor will not be an issue ...I am that Sensual Dominant  looking for that one in a million sub on " The Cage" that is ready to let herself be fully satisfied by serving her man. ( including Non Sexually) Most people you know may think that you are prim, proper, and innocent. They have no idea that underneath the surface lurks an insatiable woman that yearns to be mentally understood taken and used as a tool for immense pleasure. Your age and race are not important. Your desire to LEARN - demeanor and class are. You have been yearning to deeply to explore and develop your core sexuality to the fullest and to open to new heights of erotic self-exploration and pleasure under the guidance of someone special whom you trust and admire.

Unlike most here on Cage - I am that who relishes in MENTAL DOMINANCE -
to me mental  dominance often symbolizes my submissive’ s devotion towards me as their sole dominant.  As I truly view this as an extremely erotic practice, mental dominance often varies in intensity. It normally depends on the nature and dynamics present in the form of mentor ship and or training. This form of  a woman's submission is also a way for both of us ( mainly YOU) to express your commitment to me and each other. Mental dominance/ submission may often include such things as your( submissive’ s )daily attire, attitude, and sexual freedom to express yourself verbally/via email and yes in person!. An example of this is when I may order you NOT to climax sexually or Mentally without explicit consent from me.

Like physical play, mental dominance is not used to Humiliate or manipulate your insecurities as a Submissive Woman.

It will take soul searching, no doubt about that. Trust me when I say that you cannot become submissive if you do not have the basic inclination to serve and the emotional pleasure of being available to serve... Once you have that, you are well on your way to knowing you are a submissive Woman.

Please respond with the following criteria... Include at least your first name, your age, the general area in which you live (nearest city or town to me is fine).If you can give me a short background on your personal likes and hobbies that would be helpful as well. Tell me why you are responding and feel free to ask any preliminary questions you have of me also. Related to your physical type, I do NOT have ANY limitations. I do not mind a full-figured woman--plumpness can be attractive. Race does not concern me. Height is not an issue--short, average or tall are all acceptable.

To open up your body and mind - With me, everything you've dreamed about is possible to have moments that only felt perfect when i will show you to listen to the primal urge to kneel or kiss or do something to serve me.

What appeals to me the most is the intense cerebral connection the mind play and the feelings it conjures in you as you pursue this, sometimes all day long (the brain is, after all, the biggest sex organ). The words, the verbal orders, the loving reprimands, the tone and the downright audacity for me to say it all: Never would I allow anyone else to speak to you in this way, or, over all, to have such deep access into a woman's mind, body and heart.

So that means that me via phone / E mail will be exploring your inner fantasies is a great way to start your SUB Training/Mentoring. This safe, consensual exploration of domination can be a fantastic, peaceful channel to release - give in and ENJOY those hidden as well as dark desires.
Unlike most i am a man who is into nurturing one sub at a time While online and phone sessions ARE a good start, I am seeking for an in person submissive.

While “surrender” means defeat in war or business, in LOVE or as i Mentor - surrender can be sweet, and the ultimate expression of intimate fulfillment. Since society puts such pressure on all females–to be powerful, to achieve and to succeed, deep in your erotic imaginations, many may long to surrender to that ONE MAN.
My Montra -  “In yielding, there is strength.” In surrender, there can be power.

 I do mentor by structure and note again- via direct PHONE / E mail / Skype - face time. I DO NOT DOMINATE or TRAIN CYBERLY
( Soley by E mail)  also i have DARKER SKIN TONE so please make note - to avoid disappointments( not my type or other comments) later.
BDSM and me

As the dominant half I am the primary protector. This protection is unconditional. It can be protection from stressful element in my Sub's life. This can be about family – shitty day at work and or school – financial stresses, psychological etc. I want to be the one they turn to, and they know I can provide what few can. As their emotional haven and secret keeper, the intimacy of my/our relationship will be unlike any other. There needs to be absolute trust between each other. The damage of a broken trust in a this type of relationship can be beyond devastating. If MY Sub opens up to me, I will never ever use it against them or manipulate them with that information. To me that is borderline abuse and, to put it mildly, one of the most damaging things a daddy could ever do. While in certain instances I MAY have to discipline it’s important to keep in mind I am still their protector. As I will Never, ever, forget that fact.
Even to eclipse roles as Dom/Master/ Daddy/Confidant


I am NOT one to
HUMILATE - in any way / Shape of form
For this partnership to work you need to have trust, and to develop trust you have to be open. I especially like the mental as well as the physical aspect oral as well as servitude but will respect all limits.
I do love that a woman has her own independence (I do not seek a ROBOT) I am very much into a woman's femininity ( dresses/heels/hose  even shapely Yoga pants) NOTE - I am not looking for a 24/7 lifestyle just someone who likes to incorporate this and have fun on a regular basis .

(Whether we display this to one another discreetly in public as a couple or actually in person)

If you are into MYERS BRIGGS i Iknow i am a very sensual ETNJ

I do not do scat, blood, body modification , cutting, blood play even i have my limits.
What's new

What I seek is an ongoing relationship with a woman who is alpha in public life and truly desires to be submissive in private. She craves the discipline she rarely receives in her daily life. She not wants BUT DESIRES to please. She wants and craves that praise - of hearing
" Good Girl"
That she finds it exhilarating to let me take over sexually ....The one place where she is actually comfortable giving up control - Mentally/Emotionally / Bonding.
She is patient, thoughtful, kind, and honest with good taste. As his sub she values the company of a creative, intellectual man and appreciates the ideas she shares with him. She is willing to share honestly, and commit to fulfill his desires when requested. Like him - She is not interested in games that are not mutually understood. As she genuinely craves submission and values the man who draws that out of her.
Mental - Masturbation
and in some Spiritually

Personally apart from DS

I do love the performing arts ... the fine arts ... museums, galleries, concerts, Nordic skiing, canoeing, ballroom dancing, antique hunting, old Warner Bros. cartoons, great cinema ... esp. film noir and Sundance fstival / Netflix entrees ... theatre, big band music, jazz, blues, swing, and a lovely woman who can entice me mentally!
Again a sub who has some intelligence. I am not interested in just a encounter - FWB - knotch - fuck whatever it is called these days. I am looking for a sub who can carry on a conversation and who is an intellectual challenge. As demonstration that you have some intelligence, I require that your response to this post MUST be more than a few words or few disconnected phrases. In your response, you must explain in coherent sentences why you want to be my sub. If you cannot do this, do not bother responding.


I do mentor by structure and note again- via direct PHONE / E mail / Skype - face time. I DO NOT DOMINATE or TRAIN CYBER ( Soley by E mail)  I WILL REQUEST TO FACE TIME AND OR PHONE TO VOICE VERIFY Also i have DARKER SKIN TONE so please make note - to avoid disappointments( not my type or other comments) later.


I do mentor by structure and note again- via direct PHONE / E mail / Skype - face time. I DO NOT DOMINATE or TRAIN CYBER ( Soley by E mail)  I WILL REQUEST TO FACE TIME AND OR PHONE TO VOICE VERIFY

Also i have DARKER SKIN TONE so please make note - to avoid disappointments( not my type or other comments) later.


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