Mission Viejo, California, United States
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32 Year old Looking for Male Sub who is into Pet Play
Hello, I'm semi-new to the BDSM scene. I'm mostly into pet-play but of the anime variety. I'm not really into severely punishing my sub, I just really want a sub who will worship me everyday, adore me, give me praises, tell me he loves me, and let me give them gifts. I can get rougher if needed, but really not into brats. I just want something that will be with me long term as I am very demi-sexual. I'm mostly looking for something online and if local, we can talk about hanging out. Catboy stuff, lingerie, anything pretty girl on him is nice. I just really like the ears and tail concept. I'm a big anime and video game person, so I prefer to get along on those levels. I don't like my subs having no sense of the arts. I am currently married, but my spouse has allowed me to have a sub/pet I can have. My last stub can no longer be my sub and he set my expectation pretty high. My favorite types are twinks. I really love thinner body types and love to be called master.
About me
I'm 32 years old and have semi-experience in BDSM. I do art, I like music, video games, anime/manga, anything nerdy really. I'm also a sports fan. I'm open to new and interesting things. I am married, but my husband has allowed me to have my own sub/pet. I'm really into twinky guys.
BDSM and me
I'm not really a mean Dom, I'm more of a GentleDom. I just want something that I can worship and call my own. I'm looking for something serious, and more online as I'm busy, but if you're local I'd like to get to know you first. I don't just devolve into things unless you're in the finer arts and what not. I expect you to be able to understand me, or you'll waste my time. Actually try to be my friend.
I don't like to be restrained, so in general I'm looking more for sub/pet and I don't like brats. Zero tolerance.
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Jul 28, 2021
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Jul 26, 2021
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