Mistress Kara
dom female

Michigan, United States
Personal Ad
Looking for a submissive near the Metro Detroit Area.
I am currently accepting applications for a new submissive. Be sure to read my profile in its entirety before sending me a message. Low effort messages will be promptly ignored, seek to impress me, and if your efforts are clear I will always minimally provide a response. I am an experienced Femdom, I am what your wish for in your wildest dreams. You need to prove to me that you are willing to put in the effort required to be worthy of my time. ((For all you pretty boys sending me pictures thinking that's going to cut it, I am married and I am not looking for a lover, I don't give a rat's ass what you look like, I want a dedicated submissive.) P.S I should not have to remind anyone of this, but since so many fail at this in their opener my honorific is Mistress, address me as such.
About me
I am Mistress Kara, a Lifestyle Domme from Metro Detroit. I am demisexual. I am married and my husband actively participates with me in the lifestyle.

Being a femdom is more then just what I do, it is who I am. Approach me respectfully, speak with me honestly, and we may be able to work out a dynamic. I currently Domme online in a Femdom Discord Server and am currently looking for a permanent IRL dynamic.

My Domination style ranges from moderate to severe depending on the dynamic. I am not your mommy, I do however fully understand the importance of aftercare and am fully versed on RACK and SSC.
BDSM and me

I have a wide arrange of kinks and it is very important to me that a potential sub and myself have the majority of our kinks align.

- Cuckold - Degradation/ Humiliation / SPH - Feminization - Brain Washing - Teasing and Evoking Jealousy - Edging, Denial, Ruined Orgasm - CBT - JOI, CEI, Gooning - Breath Play - Impact Play - Sensory Deprivation - Blood Play, Biting, Cutting - Bondage - Pegging, Anal Play - Pet Play - Human Furniture - Voyeurism/ Exhibitionism - Body Worship/ Body Part Worship - Partialism (bony prominences) - Feet - Sadism and Masochism - Spit - Squirting, Wet and Messy - Water Sports - Threesomes, DP - Forced Bi - Face Sitting, Deep Throating, Cunnilingus - Futa, Internal Cum Shots, Impregnation/ Breeding, Hentai - Petite/ Thin Bodies - Vore/ Macro/ Micro (Within ERP)

Please take the time to understand and know what these are prior to approaching me.

Ultimately what I want is a sub who wants to know ME and what I want of their own volition. A sub who is proactive about pleasing me in the ways I want and who asks questions often and seeks my desires.


I don't have many limits, but I will not consider any subs who are not into getting cucked. You must be fine with my husband intermittently being a part of our dynamic (For cucking, not bisexual play) and if you are interested in being my only sub then prove to me that you can sate me by yourself.

I will require whoever becomes my sub to join the Discord server I am a part of. This is Mandatory.

What's new
I am currently looking for an IRL sub, who lives near Metro Detroit. If you are interested in becoming my sub you may message me but be sure to impress me with your first message.

You must live within reasonable driving distance of Metro Detroit I am not interested in a long distance dynamic.
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Sep 3, 2021
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Aug 21, 2021
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