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I'm a 4'0" curvy vixen in Central Florida with a vivacious appetite. I love being in control. I love domination. I will play ONLINE until I feel comfortable with you. If you hound me to hook up then it just won't happen, plain and simple... I'm looking for men and women who are eager to play when I need them to. That will do anything and everything for me. DO NOT waste my time. I am seeking those who want to give me pleasure by enjoying a bit of pain for me. So tell, are you the one I seek?  How much pleasure are you willing to give me? How obedient are you? I don't like asking twice for things that I want. 

I am not a switch, submissive, etc. I am a domme and know my place where I belong. My question to you is... do you know who you are in your own skin? I'm not here to get your jollies off! Do you want to be trained? Please note: Having been trained for 6 mo - 1 yr doesn't make you an expert and also all dommes/doms are different so please don't think because one domme/dom did something with you that we all are the same. 

Some have asked how to address me. Just call me Miss. Sweet on the palette. 

I DO NOT have kik, snapchat... I have telegram. I am not downloading anything else.

Please contact me if between 20- 50. (male/female). So who's gonna be my good girl and good boy...
BDSM and me
I've been into BDSM for 20+ years. I've always preferred dominating men for my pleasure. It's like an aphrodisiac to me .I love having good boys that are willing to obey and do as I ask of them without hesitation or question and it seems to be a big turn on for them as well that someone so curvy and small can be so aggressive and commanding. If you contact me address me by "Miss" and know who you want are before coming to me. I am not here to break you and change you into something I want. Know that your submissive or more and know your place. I am here to break you in for me... I'm here to train and teach you to serve me how I want. I'm not wanting someone who's a top/Dom/Controlling to be want to be made into a submissive/servant/subservient/etc. You either kneel or stand before me how I like... How I want or you can move out of my way and let me enjoy the next in line... the choice is mine. I'm not your hun, babe, sweetie, you may address me as MISS ... at all times. I will not respond to messages such as "what's up?" - save that for your best friends. We are not besties.

NOTE: Seems this needs to be addressed since there are subs/slaves who do not know their place.. DO NOT send me prick pics... because you may think yours is the best... but my pinky is bigger than what you have. I'm not impressed. I don't care if you are muscular... that does nothing for me (so beat on your chest like King Kong all day and I won't even look your way). 

Seems I also need to clarify a couple things: my domme training WILL NOT be like what you've seen in porn movies, nor how you were trained in RL. Do not expect me to dive head in immediately on day 2 or 3. I train you how it pleases me, not how it pleases you. Don't tell me how you are obedient, and are loyal and will do whatever I ask then on day 2, 3 or 5 decide that you want to switch things up and tell me I'm a switch because I'm not giving you what you want immediately or I don't correct you IMMEDIATELY.. don't even do reverse psych on me... I work the field you only piss me off! So if you come to me then you play how I want... if your alpha male/female comes out because you are horny don't think you won't be corrected. I push to see what makes you tick .. how your mind works then I correct. I figured it needed to be clarified with how I work compared to other dommes others have come across. We all are not alike... we do not work alike. I am seem soft but my words can lash you or sting like a bee... My words can crush you if I really wanted to. I can degrade/humiliate you so be careful who you want to bow down to. Please don't come to me saying you are obedient, loyal, etc and then act like a pussy. If you won't slap any body part of yours for me or pull at a body part for my pleasure as a reward and punishment then leave me be. 

Also DO NOT recant to me your profile information. Tell me something I don't know.... don't waste my time.
Avoiding you if you irritate me

You telling me what I am to do to you - it's not ABOUT YOU! It's ABOUT ME and MY pleasures. 

Irritating me by telling me what's in your profile - tell me something that ISN'T there in the profile. I know how to read. Keep me intrigued or move along.
What's new
I stepped back from this lifestyle for a while and now I have returned to see what is new and exciting that can appeal to my appetite, but as I've seen on here there are a lot of others who are in for a few days and are done. I dislike naughty boys like this... you want to sit by my side and earn my attention? YOU will have to try a lot harder...

The more I speak to you some of you that act like a man-child, it's like a full time job and I'm about to charge for speaking to you time wasters. I have other important things to do and I'm stopping what I'm doing to use some of you playthings... I don't get paid for playing with time wasters, I don't get my precious time back while you decide what you want to do or decide who you are ...

Dec 1, 2021 - stop being so presumptuous of who you think I am ... someone who wants to role-play I am not. It's called building trust between two people. I will fucking break you with my wickedness or as I've been told I'm quite dangerous. I am NOT another domme you've experienced, that's not my job to be anyone else. Am I a soft domme? NO! I'm learning more about you... building a rapport... now you playthings may carry on
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