Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
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In a monogamous relationship
About me
Well let us get the formalities out of the way. For starters I am married. My wife is my sub. I'm not looking for anything more than friendship. Anything beyond that will be decided between the wife, myself ,and participating third party. Most that have met me, enjoy my company. I treat all with respect even if they don't deserve it.

Since we got that out of the way. Strictly looking for friendship and growth within the lifestyle. I would love to meet enough people to build a small group of awesome people to party with. If you think you're that awesome don't messages me. Ok go ahead and message me. You could be that awesome but being cocky isn't a turn on for everyone. So hit me up.
BDSM and me
Rope, impact, primal, forced/denial orgasm, sensation deprivation, electric, and breath play. Just some of my fetishes.
Scatt, watersports
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Oct 12, 2021
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Oct 9, 2021
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