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Harrisburg, Illinois, United States
About me
The Keeper of the Party. 

36 Dom. Consider myself to be a Dionysus Dom. The party should be raging and someone has to make sure everyone is having a good time. As long as it's a good time I approve of. All are welcome to say hello, but not everyone gets an invite to the party. Also, for some people. Yes my picture is in my bathroom. It mostly had a mirror in it, I was nervous cause I hate taking pictures of myself, I've gotten enough positive comments on my shower curtain that it's staying. Until inevitably I change it via enough collective shaming. I'm not dying on this hill. 
BDSM and me
New to BDSM. Have done research and read everything I can lay my hands on, but not as practically practiced as I should be. But an insanely quick learner and open to significant communication so that we can have a dynamic that works for everyone. 

Also and this is just an up front honest thing. I'm not gonna go into our first conversation like telling you to do things or establishing hard Dom things. Like, calling me master or sir isn't a thing. We haven't made an arrangement or had a discussion. You can just call me Victor and I will call you by your profile name or possibly "Pet" because that's just sort of fun. I get that there's a lot of "ooooh I'm a Dom all the time, look at how big a Dom I am" and I am not one of those humans. Because I'm not a piece of garbage and think you're a person and can probably just have a conversation with me. would be great if that was the dynamic when we start. Like, just be people and then evolve into whatever we become. Or if you want to move fast, just say that up front and we can play. But, don't feel pressured into not just being like...Hi. 
No scat, never blood EVER, piss is slightly off putting but is up for discussion. Mostly, we should just talk about limits, (mine are things that most people find gross, or unsafe, or involve more parts than an entire Ikea house because who has time), what you want and what I want and then make it happen. Like fucking adults'. There's a theme here if you can find it. 
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