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I am currently married, going through a very rough patch that we probably won't make it through. In the end, we have just traveled different paths, and for her we both realized that she was more into simple pain and nothing else rather than the D/s life she originally thought she was. We do have a young son together, so she will always be a part of my life,'s over. It is only because I have no secrets, and always want people to know where they stand, or kneel that I mention this. There is really only room in my life for one true sub, and that search continues
**I am not looking to just jump from one bed to another. That's definitely going to take some time. 

I am 6'3", about 200 to 220 lbs. depending on the day and type of work I have been doing. Have been a carpenter most of my life, helped build a house for first time when I was 12. I am a down to earth country boy who grew up on a family farm. I traveled extensively when I was younger, around the globe a couple times, by air and sea. I am not much of a traveler today, though a bit from time to time is ok. I work very hard, and really enjoy working. I am working toward an off grid life style, or at the very least be prepared to do so at a moments notice. I have old school values, while I am not religious and do not believe in God, my values are pretty tradionally religious values. I do not tolerate willful ignorance. Politically I lean neither right nor left, you could call me independent but even that is still a political party. I value my freedom above anything, up to and including my life. I will not be forced to do that which I do not want to do, but I might force you to do something you don't think you want to if I firmly believe you do actually want to. Part of that includes the Covid Vax. I refuse to play the game of forced vaccination. I am fine with anyone who wants it getting it, but I don't get flu Vax either. If that's a deal breaker, then that's fine too.

Being a father of a young son (born when I was 50) has been the best part of me and my life. One can never understand the depth a human can love until they have children. He has made me a better person, a better man, than I ever thought I could be. 

I don't want to be called daddy, and I am not really into waterworks. My username is simply a bastardization of a couple things that are important to me. I am not into Littles or age play ( maybe simply because I do not understandit). Subs who have demands or excessive limits, alpha subs, bottom toppers, etc.

If you want to know more about me feel free to ask. I have no reason to hide anything if I feel you are being real with me and not trying to BS me in any way.
BDSM and me
I started experimenting in BDsm about 40 years ago as a teenager. It has been in and out of my life, mostly out as a young adult and slowly crept back in through my 30s and early to mid 40s. 10 years ago it made its way to the forefront of my life and I haven't looked back. 

I find enlightenment in Dominance. It has opened an understanding of femininity that I do not believe people who do not partake in the lifestyle ever achieve. I have had my moments as a poor Dom, anyone who says they haven't made mistakes is not someone you want to spend much more than an evening with. In learning from and correcting those bad behaviors you learn far deeper lessons  than you ever give. I revel in a woman's beauty and femininity. I enjoy deeply the differences between man and woman, and I believe that real women, those in touch with themselves, are naturally inclined to be submissive to a protector, provider, lover. I am not talking about the effeminate men of today, it saddens me when I think of where humanity has "progressed " to.
I want my sub to be female, 100 percent, but fiesty. Robot like obedience is boring, there is no room to learn, teach, punish, reward, or love. A Dom learns as much, or more, from a sub than she, or he, does from the Dom. A real sub with a brain and soul are the single most prized possessions a man could want.

 *more to come...

You do not respect me," she said. "You do not want to be respected," I said. "You want to be cherished, treasured, handled, abused, mastered, owned, subdued, forced to serve and love. " She was silent. Renegades of Gor, pg 105

D/s is a deeper connection than love. Some may disagree, but when you give all of yourself, or take all of another, with everything laid bare, there is a purity, a completeness that you don't get with just (vanilla) love. I have been in love (20 years and 14 years marraiges) deeply so, but the times I have fully connected with a sub have been unbelievably deep and raw.
No m/m, no kids, and I do not bottom ever. Outside of that, I have no limits and neither should my partner.
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