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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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TPE, TiH relationship
Looking for someone to fulfill this type of relationship. IRL only, no online stuff. Looking for sooner rather than later. Read my profile for more info.
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About me
Both pictures taken the same day - March 21, 2023. Before my haircut and after. I get a buzz cut about every 3 months.

I am 5'7", 225 lbs. I have a mustache, blue eyes, wear glasses, have medium length hair when I have hair. I get a buzz cut every 3 months.

I prefer the woman to be equal in height, or slightly shorter. "Slightly" taller may be ok. 

I want a "real", LTR LIVE-IN, not some fantasy that expires at the end of a session of any sort. If you aren't serious about being with me, don't bother. I've wasted months waiting for a few who said - weeks or months into discussions - they had no intention of moving from the git go. I thought we were adults, not little kids? I'm too old for games. 

I'm not financially rich, so if you are looking for that, don't walk - RUN away. I live within my budget, and get by quite well. But, aside from that, I am a very loving, trusting person - assuming she has earned it. I've been burned a few times, so it won't happen overnight.

Oh yeah, a few points......

1. I am "planning" on going mobile at some point - off the grid. While it might be smaller living quarters, it also means much less house cleaning, less utilities money spent, no grass mowing or snow shoveling. More time to enjoy each other's company, and our personal pleasures - whatever we each enjoy doing for ourselves. Lots of people are doing it and loving it. I personally have 2 discussion groups for just that.
Having been in a few situations of utilities cut off in disaster, it's not as bad as some may think. You just have to use your imagination and common sense. It can make living off the grid much nicer, and "cheaper"!!!!! I'm sick of the rat race. I don't have a problem with parking wherever I can, having a cup of coffee, or a meal, as I take in the local beauty. Move on as I see fit. I love watching nature and people in general. 

2. I have a sibling residing with me - that is ambulatory, but needs assistance "on occasion". More mental than physical, but unless you choose to help, you don't have to. It's not as bad as it sounds.
So, you would need to be ok with that. 

3. No pets. No smoking, and damn sure - no drugs.
Alcohol is ok, if in check. I drink, but I don't get sloppy drunk, nor will I tolerate it.

4. I have no tatts or piercings. Regarding the woman - I'm not in to Tatts, though a small one or two is ok. Definitely not covered in ink. Definitely not in to eye, lip, nose rings. Pierced ears ok, beyond that - I'm open to discussion. Not big in to makeup and perfume, but I like a touch. Not a circus clown and perfume vat. Love flowing hair, and now and then, a ponytail or bun.

5. I am one of the most loving and committed guys you could ever hope to meet. If I am in it, it is 1000%.
BDSM and me
I'm a TiH, TPE, Old school man is head of the house - sort of strict - guy. I expect certain things. 

Spanking is ok, maybe "light" hair pulling, "light" smacks on the cheek. Abuse beyond that is a bit out of my desire, but can be discussed, if you are into it.

I'm not into bondage, etc; as most are - more so the type of relationship mentioned above. I can do bondage as a form of punishment, if you feel the need. 

I "can" tend to get kinky ideas, on rare occasions. If you are interested in trying things, fine. If not, that's fine also. Nothing scarring, no scat, gross stuff to the great degree. It "could" possibly include a sharing moment, on occasion. If you are Bi, it's a plus!

Just so you know, what I "don't" expect - a "maid" or a "mother". I can and do - my own laundry - including folding and putting away. Picking up after myself. I don't need anyone to find my tie, socks, underwear, etc.. I can cook for myself and do dishes also. I've been doing it all for quite some time. IF you choose to help, especially in the meals prep, it's on you. In other words, unlike some guys, I won't sit on my fat ass and order you to make me something to eat, or get me a beer - unless you are going to the fridge for yourself, and ask.

I'm NOT into entertaining people in general at my house, so I hope you aren't either. I do go places on occasion to get out. I'm not a snob, but I am not a socialite for the most part, I'm more of a loner. Keeps the disease, drama and BS level to a minimum.
Intentional bruising or scarring, abuse of any kind that most deem to be child or spousal abuse. Maybe others, to be discussed - mostly referring to acts against the female.
What's new
I don't want any Baby Daddy drama, Ex Husband or Boyfriend drama. You must be free and clear of all that crap.

I am not in to "pet" play, or "little". Basically looking for exactly what my profile states.

If I come up with anything else, I'll update my profile.
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Mar 23, 2023
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Oct 16, 2021
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