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About me

I am an introvert. I like simple things in life and the less complicated the better. I avoid and flee from drama. When I fall for someone, I fall hard but it can take time (or never happen) before I trust completely. I keep a lot of things for myself and it takes someone really skilled to get me to share.
BDSM and me
In retrospect I think I always was submissive, but just did not have a chance to express it or realize it. The society is upside down and as women we are taught to not be submissive. It took me some time to realize that is not for me. 

I am craving to submit, but only to the right Dominant, being submissive does not mean weak or compliant to anyone. I am a strong person from the outside and only the one that I consider worthy of my submission can access my inner thoughts. For me is all about the connection and chemistry with that other person. 

I am mostly attracted to men at least my age or older, but not too much older either (I would say up 14 years of difference) 

Not sure these results are really representative but will still put them there. 

== Results from bdsmtest.org == 
99% Degradee 
82% Rope bunny 
80% Masochist 
80% Submissive 
63% Voyeur 
55% Exhibitionist 
53% Non-monogamist 
50% Slave 
48% Experimentalist 
47% Vanilla 
38% Brat 
31% Primal (Prey) 
27% Pet 
25% Switch 
11% Ageplayer 
4% Rigger 
4% Degrader 
4% Sadist 
4% Boy/Girl 
3% Dominant 
1% Primal (Hunter) 
1% Daddy/Mommy 
1% Master/Mistress 
0% Owner 
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I am not interested in online only. 


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