England, United Kingdom
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About me
I'm a 52 young submissive male slave seeking a Life bond with a suited Dom or Domme or couple interested as an experienced slave live-in position. I prefer female (lesbian) or male (gay) couples. Like any slave, I love to serve and is teachable to serve you as you prefer. Like any creature, I sparkle with devotion when cherished. I seek your guidance and your instruction to fulfill my hearts' desires as a slave.
BDSM and me
An experienced slave of 25 years in the lifestyle, seeks to be collard by a Dom or Domme or couple. Would prefer to be a live-in slave and serve you 24/7.I used to be collared when I was in my mid 20s until the couple who owned me passed away. They stretched my limits beyond my wildest imagination.
Drugs, children, scat, animals and most things that are illegal. I say most things that are illegal because homosexuality is illegal in many jurisdictions. However, i am open to homosexuality.
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Jan 17, 2023
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Nov 2, 2021
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