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Hi! I'm R, I'm 22 and in college (otherwise known as debt). I live in the UK but not originally from here. I am really into reading (can do brainy stuff but my heart belongs to fantasy), music, movies, art and travel. Happy to geek out over books and shows. Equally happy talking about history and politics - I call it range. I'm about 5 foot 3, maybe 4 on a good day! Dark hair and brownish eyes, slim but not tiny.
BDSM and me
I'm R and I am submissive - what's up! I am definitely unexperienced. Looking for a dom who can do patience without compromising strict control. I'm very willing to learn and explore, but need to feel like my Dom is absolutely in charge with no room for doubt. Kink-wise I am into spanking, light-bondage to start off with, the dirtiest of talk, really excited to try collars and chains, sensory deprivation, temperature play, maybe some light pain play, also willing to try choking depending on the right partner. Open to recommendations on reading material re: basics of dom/sub and bdsm, kind of unsure where to begin.

I am bi but looking for a male dom rn. In terms of physical preference I am pretty unspecific in that really specific way - either I am attracted to you or I'm not and there is really no rhyme or reason. Typically prefer guys who are taller than me / can pick me up and just generally manhandle me. Tattoos are nice. Preferably 22-35 yo. Really wanna connect with someone on a sexual level, but that's only part of it. Basically looking for someone who can do range! Sexy, funny, intelligent, nerdy, the whole deal! (Please tell me you actually exist).

Initially only looking for online partners, if we hit it off and really connect I am open to irl and travel. No need to be UK based. Message me! Happy to talk about anything.
Blood, any bodily fluids of the non-sexual kind really, intense breath play, no feet, no incest, no kidnapping, non-con, kids.
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