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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
About me
46M, 6'2", big and burly with a typical dad bod.  Dark wavy hair cut short, neatly trimmed beard, glasses.  Deep voice, average cut cock.   Not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm honest af.

Polyamourous divorced dad with a young son,  LGBTQA and 420 postive.   Not looking, but happy to chat with friendly, honest, and interesting most of the time.

If you message me, please don't call me 'Daddy' or 'Sir'.  'Hi.' and nothing else gets the same in response.  I'm assuming that if you message me, you have something you want to talk about.
BDSM and me
Primal type by nature, mostly just in the bedroom.  Pervert from a young age. I'm the good kind; the bad ones give us a bad name. :D   DD/lg and CNC are two of my fav kinks, but I'm open to just about anything with a partner that stimulates my mind and body. 

I enjoy the bonding and not the ageplay aspect of DD/lg.  Don't like diapers, pacifiers, etc.  Like toys and ropes, but power struggle, cruel teasing, rough sex, orgasm control/denial, and brat play are main focus.  

I like smart, unique subs that know and value themselves, but if I'm honest, I also have a soft spot for the shy and/or broken ones.   It's the 'baby bird out of the nest' thing, I just want to pick them up and nurse them back to a happy, kinky self. 

The smartest and snarkiest ones can usually make me switch if they push at it.  I absolutely love it when that happens, but it's a rare thing.  I'm a very agressive, bratty sub myself, and you have to have my respect as a strong and clever person before I even think about submitting.  When I do, the power struggle is intense and fucking delightful. 

I'm always open to talking to other Doms/Dommes and still have more to learn.  Someone experienced with shibari or who can discuss the serious details of safe impact play would make a wonderful friend and resource.
Sounding, bleeding, scat, ageplay under 15 are hard no's.   The rest is discussable and negotiable.  SSC where at all possible, RACK where it's not.
I've left a link to an older kink list in my favorites.   It needs some updating, but mostly still accurate.  Ask if you're curious.
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Been here for a while, happy with the mix of folks in my life right now, and not looking to add to it.
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