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Sedona, Arizona, United States
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Hi there, I'm pk.

I'm a straight, cis female "service submissive". A proper lady...on the street. Hoping for an eventual 24/7 PER.

I hope to serve a straight, monogamous, cis male Dom, Master, or DD - not a Switch, sorry - age 45 and up. (I'm not a cougar.) 

Online is alright, but IRL is preferred. (I'm open to online leading to IRL, as well.) Relocating might be an option.

**Empty profiles will no longer receive a response from me. 
Semi-pro nature photographer, with my own business. 

"Intimate" jewelry design and "fetish toy" design/construction are my latest hobbies. I'm a crafter, and ideas are welcome. 

A number of surprising things have happened in my life - some a bit interesting...

Cactus gardening, tent camping with my dog "Killer", and fishing for panfish from shore are great fun. I do enjoy nature, and some "outdoor fantasies" may even exist... 
I do have the rare INFJ-T personality-type. INFJs generally do not recognize flirting, subtleties, or hints, so...those will go over my head. (Ugh! It's so aggravating!) Please - always be very straightforward while interacting with me (using some dignity, of course). It will help us both. Thanks!
BDSM and me
I am a submissive **only - I am not a slave. 
Thanks for understanding.
Ongoing education in the Lifestyle is important to me - I read, attend online seminars, etc. There is **so much one can learn.

I have been described as an entry-level masochist. This does make me a bit curious...

Penchant for caging, chain, chained to wall, etc. Many other fetishes exist too, of course. (I'm a huge spanko, for instance.) Oh, and the fantasies...   :-)
Regarding my use of "honorifics" (eg., saying "Sir", "Master", etc.) - to me, those titles are so very important. I use such titles **after I have formally offered my submission to the Dominant. If this is unsatisfactory to you, I must regretfully walk away. Thank you for your understanding.
A clear boundary (hard limit) would be: any type of discussion/debate about politics or religion. Both subjects are very personal and private for me. Thank you. 

Until I am familiar with someone, I'd prefer to communicate only within The Cage. (For my safety.) Once comfortable, I'd be open to various other **encrypted options.

I strongly dislike text-only situations. ("KIKing" others is bad, and I simply won't do it. LOL!)
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       *** RESULTS FROM BDSMTEST ***  

(If they are of interest)

100% Submissive   

100% Slave  [*I am unwilling. Hard limit.]

100% Rope bunny           

95% Masochist 

64% Experimentalist  >>     62% Pet 

44% Primal (Prey)    >>       40% Brat 

31% Degradee     >>            20% Boy/Girl 

19% Vanilla           >>           16% Voyeur 

10% Ageplayer       >>         9% Exhibitionist 

4% Primal (Hunter)    >>    0% Daddy/Mommy 

0% Rigger        >>                0% Owner 

0% Non-monogamist >>  0% Master/Mistress 

0% Sadist       >>                0% Dominant 

0% Degrader        >>          0% Switch 

0% Brat tamer

(Test  ID: 5CMFE8TY)
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Aug 10, 2022
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Dec 26, 2021
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