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********** UPDATE 10/23/22 - I am currently "under consideration", so...I'm not looking for a Dominant right now. Please DO NOT send me inquiries about having a D/s relationship with me. (I still welcome sincere friends, though!) Thank you for understanding. **********

Hi there, I'm pk.

It's nice to meet you! So, a little about me...

I have my own small photography business - I'm currently employed. Music is very important in my life (non-professional). Woodworking, "costume" jewelry design, and general crafting are hobbies. 

My garden brings me joy. During good weather, I might be found tent camping with my dog "Killer", or fishing for panfish from shore. I truly enjoy the outdoors!

Some "outdoor fantasies" may even exist. LOL! 

BTW - people from all roles in the Lifestyle are part of my life, and some help me here. They are strictly friends-only, and one can never have enough friends. Feel free to drop me a note, I enjoy sincere friendships. :)

I've had an unusual life at times, and do hold some unique surprises! I'd be happy to share about them...

Oh! I'm a straight, cis female "service submissive". A proper lady...on the street. I'm very monogamous. I'm quiet...but not shy, A 24/7 PER is something I find ideal. I have always valued serving a straight, monogamous, cis male Dom, Master, or DD.

DMs from those with empty profiles will no longer receive any response, whatsoever. I will simply delete the DM.

>>>  To those under age 45 - please don't use up your valuable time, looking here for a BDSM relationship. I am definitely not a cougar, so...D/s with someone under age 45 will always be a boundary (or hard limit) for me. I am open to making new kinky *friends* though. Thanks for understanding.  :-) 
BDSM and me
I have a penchant for caging, chain, chained to wall, etc. A variety of *other* fetishes exists, as well. Not to mention the fantasies stuck in my head.   

Having been described as an entry-level masochist...naturally, I have been a bit curious, and it's being tested out.

While I'm definitely *not* into "age play" or "bratting", I have a sense of humor. I do enjoy teasing others (in the right time and place).

There are those who are dear to me - they watch, and keep me from falling down any "rabbit holes". (I really do appreciate that you keep me safe!)
Perhaps any discussion of any "D/s limits" should be had in-person, as necessary...rather than placed directly on one's profile...? 

Until I am familiar with someone, I will communicate only within The Cage - for safety reasons.

Once comfortable, I use favorite encrypted apps, for things like audio and video chat. (Which I actually prefer, anyway.)

I do understand that some texting is useful in a relationship, and that's quite acceptable!  However, anything based solely on texting holds no interest for me. ("KIKing" others is bad.) ;-) 

Thanks for checking out my profile!
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I am currently "under consideration", and I am not looking for a D/s relationship at this time.
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Oct 23, 2022
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