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Read this profile before contacting me. Yes, every word. If you don't, I'll know.

Do not use your fetish list as an opener, approach me with your kinky desires, or otherwise start any conversation with what you want from me. I am a person, not a fetish-granting Domme fairy. If you can't manage an actual conversation with me without expecting something of me, don't bother. If you do message me unprompted and cannot speak to me like a person rather than a potential dispensor of whatever desire you want fulfilled, I reserve the right to respond with ridiculous and unpleasant things, like photos of really, REALLY old naked people, or of severe genital infections. Perhaps both. 

I'm not entirely opposed to some kind of long distance thing, but it's also not exactly what I'm looking for. So, my preference will be someone who is closer by, within a 2 or 3 hour drive. 

While I am open to converse with just about anybody, I am 35 and not interested in kinky/sexual/romantic interactions with anyone below the age of 26, or above 44. There is some SLIGHT wiggle room with those numbers, but it seriously depends. If you are/act/look old enough to've potentially conceived me, the answer is no. Same if you are/act/look young enough for me to've potentially conceived you.

I'm a rather fluid sort of person, though some things do remain constant. I am part artistic, creative, and intuitive, and part methodical, logical, and analytical. Sexually fluid, sometimes I prefer men more, sometimes women. Usually Dominant, but occasionally a bit switchy. Having said that though, I am NOT a submissive. If you do message me, please use the word "respect" in your subject heading, so I know you've actually read this profile and I don't have to delete your message without reading it. If you don't, I will.
BDSM and me
I've been on a learning journey within this realm since about 2011. I started off rather slowly and timidly, but have been learning and trying more and more things, and expanding my knowledge/understanding of BDSM as a whole. So far, I'd say I most enjoy humiliation, service submission, crossdressing, and some sex stuff you'll find out later if I want you to. I like some impact, and am curious to learn more about shibari. I'm definitely much more into the mental side of things than the physical side. Making my way into someone's head is sexy.
Idiots, blood, serious tissue damage, severe pain, needles, poop, vomit.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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