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About me
Work in progress. I just returned from yet another break. Yaaayy blows raspberries.
Hey be patient in time I will add more I have other things I'm working on that take up my time other then existing here.

Proceed with ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️
I speak my mind.

If you don't like it well BALLLLOOOOOWWWW MEEEE xD

The most passionate things in life are the things we create.

The most destructive thing one human can do to another is deny them passion.

Letting go is one of the hardest things we can do in life.

My brain is wired differently from others.

Sometimes I'm chill, sometimes I'm hyper, sometimes I'm just plain silent. None the less I am me.

No smoke screens or parlor tricks, no fancy suits and ties, no flashy watches, cars or a big house.

Not a multi billionaire, not a sugar daddy, not a daddy at all. I'm human I make mistakes I mess up. I try to learn and improve. It's a process of practice not perfection.

Am I a pervert? OH BET YOURE SWEET DANGLING MEAT BAGS I AM. Nothing wrong with it. Hey if you can't handle me as I am or when I'm at my worst let me say this loud and clear.


I'm trying to grow, learn, have fun, enjoy life. If this means I wind up with an adopted fucked up twisted family and a small tribe of friends but remain single. I'd rather have that then wind up falling back into a cycle of heart ache, false hope and gut wrenching disappointment.

I have wasted enough time and have come to learn there's a lot I do not know about this lifestyle to freely admit I have a very long ways to go. However I'm comfortable where I'm at. so I kindly ask PLEASE DONT FUCKING PUSH ME TO LEARN NEW SHIT! I Will learn in my own time and when I choose to learn. This is my journey not yours.

I enjoy kink and bdsm But at my own pace.

You wouldn't rush an electrician, plumber or a surgeon to do their jobs if you want it done right. So if you chose to approach me or I you don't rush me into shit if I state I'm not comfortable with something.

Naahh I haven't had enough. Naaahh I'm not tired of bullshit.
I just dont like it. Oh wait yes I have bahahaa.

Yes I can be all over the page. Am I Dom? Am I sub? Let me sum this up. WHY THE HELL DO YOU CARE? we are just chatting right?

Unless there is some form of intent to take things further then general conversation then what I am or what you are doesn't really matter does it?

I enjoy writing, movies, gaming, pt when it's warm out, helping others out and I have a weird personality so be prepared for Ludacris drive.

One of the biggest issues I face when dealing with people in general is I speak my mind.

And what I say makes a shit ton of sense to me but to the vast majority assumptions are made and before a person or a group gets to know me I am tossed in with a lot to rust.

Weeellllll congratulations just one or more less migranes to deal with in trying to figure out if you are gonna be accepting of me and who I am or another back stabbing waste of primordial ooze.

Oh you're still here how wonderful.
BDSM and me
Look I'm kinky af but there is some shit I just refuse to do.
Let me sum this up for ya. If it's illegal or even border lines illegal it's a straight hard to the fuck no.
I'm not a daddy so get that shit out of you're head princess. Nothing against Littles just not my thing.
What's new
Life what else.

Take me as I am or rightfully as I stated in the beginning fuck off.

That's what's new. =D
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