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Hello! I'm Order of E. For over 20 years, I've been a (non-credentialed) sexuality educator, and am well-known in Tucson's LGBTQIA+, polyamory, and kink communities. I own and operate a private, invitation-only play space for the benefit of BodyWERXX, a kink tribe which I also head, and I lead a progressive and welcoming spiritual community. I have been formally trained and educated in BDSM through conferences, seminars, workshops, and the intensive "Butchmann's Academy." I've facilitated a long-running polyamory support and discussion group, attended kink conferences throughout the Southwest, and have presented at a number of conferences and BDSM organizations on topics such as "A Field Guide to Risky Kinksters," "Theatrical Role-Play in Kink," and other topics including enthusiastic consent, scene design, fire play, wax play, piercing, safer sex, self-pleasure, polyamory, and much more. I have served as a technical advisor for a fetish photo shoot, and co-facilitated a comprehensive 12-week course called "About Your Sexuality." I have had an essay published in "Trans-Kin : A Guide for Family & Friends of Transgender People." I am known for elaborate costumed role-play scenes, often performed at public play parties and conferences. I identify as pansexual, poly, and kinky. I currently enjoy three long-term open relationships, and a few other play relationships. I also perform as an actor, comic, and magician with a local cabaret troupe.

BDSM and me

Here are some of the things that flip my switch: sapiosexuals and demisexuals; people who know how to look things up on Google; pansexuality, sex-positivity, erotica and sex toys; people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or allies; kinksters, fetishists, and people who believe in open and honest relationships. I'm also a huge fan of people who are on personal growth paths, whether those paths are about kink, spirituality, education, or other pursuits.

I don’t identify as a “Master,” and I’m not looking for slaves. I think of myself more as a “Service Top” or “Protector” or “Owner” or "Daddy." If you have “kitty” or “pet” or “slut” or “girl”energies, or various kinds of bottom energy other than strict protocol-based submission, we might have something in common. I have some minor switch tendencies, depending on the partner and/or the activity. Mostly, I like to color outside the lines, even in BDSM. But I’m into strict protocol when it comes to STI testing, as in doing it regularly and comprehensively, so everyone knows what’s what.

As a lover of all kinds of equality – or mutuality - I don’t discriminate based on race, color, nationality, language, age, disability, or sexual or gender identity. I love diversity, compassion, complexity, simplicity, paradox, mystery, and spirituality; respect, consent and good manners. As a social justice activist, the people who really turn me on tend to believe that every human being has a right to food, shelter, clean water, basic health care, peace, and freedom from violence and sexual misconduct and assault. I’m drawn to compassionate people who care more for “the least” of God’s children than they do about Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber; people who’d rather read “The Atlantic” or “The New York Times” than “People” or “The National Enquirer”; people who listen to NPR and BBC; activists, non-conformists; people who try to base their lives on evidentiary reality rather than demagoguery; those who speak truth to power.

My friends tend to be worldly progressives and liberals – even some radicals! – and include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, professors, academicians, executives, attorneys, social workers, truck drivers, technicians, retail workers and managers, researchers, artists, musicians, and actors. I’m particularly attracted to people who understand the power of choice in improving their stations in life, and who, over time, tend toward making good choices more often than bad.

I enjoy cycling, hiking, yoga, healthy eating, cooking, hosting parties, and volunteering for a variety of organizations. I’ve done many things in my life, including serving in the U.S. Navy, as a firefighter and EMT, as a desert survival and backpacking guide and instructor, and as a living history re-enactor. I also worked for 31 years in the corporate sector, mostly in management and Human Resources, finishing my career as a senior executive.

What’s the next step if we see some basis for friendship or play? Let's talk electronically until we get to know one another. Then maybe we’ll meet in person. By the way, thanks for investing the time it took to read this long profile. My father always told me that nothing worthwhile in life is free. I’m pretty sure he was right about that. 

I have few limits, at least regarding things I am willing to try. However, I don't interact with minors, nor do I play with scat, diapers, adult babies, animals, permanent marks or scars, or people who are cheating on spouses or partners. I believe in keeping risk in all things - including BDSM - to an absolute minimum, while also engaging in some pretty edgy activities. If consent isn't enthusiastic, it's a "no." Other than that, my preferences are negotiable, and vary from partner to partner, depending upon their energies and interests.
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