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South Carolina, United States
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i am self maintained, and stable i dont need you, unless you can increase value in my life more than it already is...

If you dont like what i like, its ok keep fucking walking, i am who i am, and settling in not in my nature.... if you do like who i am message me PM and make it easier on me,  Thank you.  Word of advice ,Be who you are i dont wish to learn a fake person, you dont have to impress me. Just be real.

39, 10 year experienced dom, looking for the right women to maintain and feed my inner needs. Specifically, i am referring to findin a slave who is totally masochistic and knows how to be devoted to her master. If i have to explain that and the responsibility it requires,  I am needy and greedy so get used to the idea because, duh i am a sadist by nature ( sexually, mentally, and emotionally, being all encompassing gives me great joy. I like being able to affect a person sense of purpose and feelings in both positive and negative fashion. I play as i do in life, i work very hard to live the life i wish.  if you are not a masochist or are not open to the idea, please refrain from contacting me other than for inquires into the meaning of it all, and possibility training to enter in to this life with me. i will not change and i am very comfortable with myself...  my values hold strong, i believe trust a must, dedication to this relationship, loyalty, open communication always, No secret, No lies, " do what you say, and mean what you say"..
== Results from bdsmtest.org == 
100% Dominant 
100% Master/Mistress 
99% Owner 
97% Rigger 
97% Sadist 
96% Degrader 
74% Voyeur 
66% Experimentalist 
62% Primal (Hunter) 
52% Daddy/Mommy 
50% Non-monogamist 
42% Exhibitionist 
12% Degradee 
7% Ageplayer 
1% Primal (Prey) 
1% Vanilla 
1% Brat 
0% Rope bunny 
0% Slave 
0% Boy/Girl 
0% Submissive 
0% Masochist 
0% Pet 
0% Switch 
BDSM and me
Ok, for those that know me i have rearranged my profile slightly.. figured this section need to talk about bdsm and me.

So i am a sadist pure and simplistic... i enjoy the meaningful time spent with submissives and or aspiring slaves, who have a need for quality training and painful submission. Both supply pleasure from understanding and the joy of submission to desired dominant for to meet agreed upon goals. 

My preferred method of transmission of knowledge and understanding derives from the practice of endurance bondage (perdicament or stress position bondage), humiliation, degradation, impact play, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, sexual submission, confinement, etc... For those of you who arent familiar with any of these terms google definition to get a basic idea if what may be required of your and/or what may be expected..

Agreement and contract will always be agreed upon and signed for both parties protection and safety. And i expect it to be honored and fullfilled to the letter, on both sides.

In a nut shell there i am i am protective, sadistic, creative, poly minded, open individual, whom will works hard to devolop a better version of me, daily always seeking perfection, but always coming short, but i wish someone whom is able to handle me, desire me, and dedicate their time to us and pursue a fullfilling existance in this lifestyle...
Hard limit is no fucking childish drama, lol if ya come with it you will immediately leave with it...
What's new
Offered the best gift any women could ever offer, her undying devotion and loyalty. She has completely agreed to give herself to me, and devote herself to my needs. She completely understand who and what i am and desire and knows of my extreme nature, she is now my priority and my reaponsibility, she will not be abandoned.   I am her Master and she will be forever my slave, her sacrifice will be great but her reward plentiful and just.
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Thursday, March 15, 2018
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017
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