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i am self maintained, and stable i dont need you, unless you can increase value in my life more than it already is...

If you dont like what i like, its ok keep fucking walking, i am who i am, and settling in not in my nature.... if you do like who i am message me PM and make it easier on me,  Thank you.  Word of advice ,Be who you are i dont wish to learn a fake person, you dont have to impress me. Just be real.

40, 12 year experienced in this amazing, fullfilling,  and unique LS, (  7 years a Sadist, 2 years a Master, looking for the right women to maintain and support full my inner desires. Specifically, i am referring to findin a slave mind who is enthusiasticlly masochistic and knows how to be devoted to her Master. If i have to explain that and the responsibility it requires, then you obviously dont understand, and arent ready to fill those needs..  I am needy and demanding so get used to the idea because, duh i am a sadist by nature ( sexually, mentally, and emotionally, being all encompassing gives me great joy).  I like being able to affect a person sense of purpose and feelings in both positive and negative fashion. I play as i do in life, i work very hard to live the life i wish.  if you are not a masochist or are not open to the idea, please refrain from contacting me other than for inquires into the meaning of it all, and possibility training to enter in to this life with me. i will not change and i am very comfortable with myself... " Yes i am an asshole, and you are worthless to me until you make your self valuable".  my values hold strong, i believe trust is a must, dedication to this relationship an absolute commitment, loyalty demanded, open communication always practiced, No secret, and No lies are a requirement" do what you say, and mean what you say"..
== Results from bdsmtest.org == 
100% Dominant 
99% Master/Mistress 
98% Owner 
97% Sadist 
96% Degrader 
89% Rigger
74% Voyeur 
70% Experimentalist 
67% Primal (Hunter) 
52% Daddy/Mommy 
50% Non-monogamist 
42% Exhibitionist 
12% Degradee 
7% Ageplayer 
1% Primal (Prey) 
1% Vanilla 
1% Brat 
0% Rope bunny 
0% Slave 
0% Boy/Girl 
0% Submissive 
0% Masochist 
0% Pet 
0% Switch 
BDSM and me
Ok, for those that know me i have rearranged my profile slightly.. figured this section need to talk about bdsm and me.

So i am a sadist pure and simple... i dont enjoy who i am, very demanding, dominant, and expect my slave, who ever she may be, to absolutely commit to this lifestyle, and not ride the fence about it.  i enjoy the meaningful time spent with submissives and or aspiring slaves, who have a need for quality training and painful submission. Both supply pleasure from understanding and the joy of submission to desired dominant for to meet agreed upon goals. 

My preferred method of transmission of knowledge and understanding derives from the practice of endurance bondage (perdicament or stress position bondage), humiliation, degradation, impact play, breath play (this one build trust stronger than steel),electro play, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, sexual submission, confinement, etc... For those of you who arent familiar with any of these terms google the definition to get a basic idea if what may be required of your and/or what may be expected..

Agreement and contract will always be agreed upon and signed by both parties before any activity... this ensure both protection,safety, and clearly defines expectations, and the repercussions of not fulfilling them. it will be honored and fullfilled to the letter, on both sides.

In a nut shell there i am i am protective, sadistic, creative, open individual, demanding, and controlling who wont change and is completely drive to succeed... i always work tirelessly to devolop a better version of me, and to get what i want in life..
Hard limit is no fucking childish drama, lol if ya come with it you will immediately leave with it...
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looking forward never backwards.......there is she that would sacrifice herself for the things she loves, sacrifice intently and intensly for him she needs, because she wishes him to be her world. being part of a whole and being the ist in his sadist. for now her suffering is justified, her sacrifice honorable, her pain rewarding, her pleasures earned... for her purpose is clear, her life layed out before her, destiny shall be what he intends, and what he intends is forever... suffering,serving,sacrificing,satisfying. she now knows it will never end, she cant stop it, she doesnt want it to stop, his will be done, she is now his, she is no more, part of him.... she is simplified, accepted,and her place known fully...... her happiness is now his happiness.... she want to be happy, she knows what she must do..... giving in to the darkness, the insatable evil, she begins to fade, slow being absorbed by the darkness, soon she will be nothing, soon.......she will be conquered..... soon ........ one last breathe..... one last thought...... she is now ....... HIS!!! trapped in darkness...... suffering endlessly...... body torn.....beaten.....Screaming...... she is loved more than she has ever known......more than she ever could have imagined......owned, unable to be..... she is safe.... no longer will she think.... she had always agonized thinking..... all the voices.... all the emotions...... her only action now is to listen..... what she hears, she does,what she does she feels, his voice in the darkness is now her only goal...... she belongs to him, she is no more..... a possession, a capturing of her will, she can never escape.....
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